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Kumbha Rashi : Devipattinam

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Kumbha Rashi : Devipattinam
House : Aquarius ( Kumbha Rashi )
Lord of the House : Sani
Best Day to Visit the Temple : Saturday

People's whose star sign is Aquarius ( Kumbha Rashi ) have to visit Devipattinam in Tamil Nadu twice in an year or atleast once in an year. Should stay in the temple or premises for two and half hours. Worship Goddess Mahadevi

Kumbha Rashi : Devipattinam

Kumbha Rashi : Devipattinam

Devipattinam occupies a unique place among the holy sites of Tamilnadu. Legend says that Lord Ram when returning from Lanka with Sita, offered his prayer to the local deity Devi and the worshipped Navagrahas. Since there was no temple for Navagrahas there he put 9 stones at the sea shore and did his puja. Those stones are still there and are being worshipped by many devotees still today.

Devipattinam is a village located on the east coast of Tamilnadu. It is 15 km from Ramanathapuram, the district headquarter. A temple dedicated to Devi is another famous holy site available in this village. This is the place as per the legend where asura Mahihasura was killed by Goddess Durga Devi. The beach is ideally located to let the pilgrimage to take a dip in the sea. Sand dunes along the sea shores prevent strong tide reaching the seashore so the sea water here comparatively calm and tide less.

This place is also known for offering Shraadhs to ancestors. It is said that if you offer Shraadhs once here at Devipattinam that is good enough for your whole life. In this context Devipattinam is considered as equal to Rameshwaram..

You can reach this place from Madurai. Ramanathapuram is connected with Madurai with an all weather road. Lot of buses available from Madurai to Ramanathapurm. However from Ramanathapuram to Devipattinam the road is narrow. Moreover bus frequency is not good.

Please remember it is just a village so plan to visit and return on the same day. There are some Brahmin priests who offer customized pooja at consolidated costs which may also include breakfast and lunch prepared by the priests’ family member themselves.

If you are plan to offer Shraadhs get someone to visit prior to a day and fix the arrangement with the Priests available here. This will avoid a lot of hassle for you and also the rate the charge is reasonable.

Adi Amavasya festival is observed for 10 days during the month of July-August when the devotee crowd would be over a lakh. So on the Thai Amavasya (January-February) too.

How to Reach:
Devipattinam is 77 Kms from Rameswaram, 15 from Ramanathapuram, 115 from Madurai and 47 from Sivaganga.
Considering the religious importance of Devipattinam Navagraha temple, Ramanathapuram and Rameswaram are linked by rail routes. Adequate bus facilities are available from important centres of Tamilnadu. Nearest airport is Madurai.


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