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Pure Gomutra ( Cow's Urine ) is available near Commercial Street - Bangalore.

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Pure Gomutra ( Cow's Urine ) is available near Commercial Street.
Iam posting this because one of my friend was searching for Gomutra and he told me the below location i thought this will helpful for others also. When you perform any homa or yagna at home, priest will ask for gomutra with other materials for homa. People who go in search of it, this post will help them. Gomutra is available parallel to Kamaraj road, which is St. John's Road nearest landmarks are RBANMS Ground, Nagadevi Temple. If you want gomutra, go to the above location early morning. Do inform them in advance, they are available only in morning or evenings.

People who are not able to get Pure Gomutra in their location can go for Gomutra (cow urine) Arka (distilled cow urine) which are available in ayurveda stores or stores in which pooja items are sold as shown below.

Pure Gomutra ( Cow's Urine ) is available near Commercial Street.
Glorification and Benefits of Cow Urine

Pure Gomutra:
Pure Gomutra ( Cow's Urine ) is available near Commercial Street.

Amongst urines, cow urine is best. In Ayurveda where ever urine is mentioned, it is to be understood as cow urine. Statements of scriptures confirm this. Cow is our mother and we are her children. Therefore, cow urine is beneficial.

  • Cow urine has amazing germicidal power to kill varieties of germs. All germ generated diseases are thus destroyed.
  • According to Ayurveda the cause of all diseases is the imbalance in three faults (tri-dosas) i.e. mucous, bile and air. Cow urine balances the tri-dosas, thus diseases are cured.
  • Cow urine corrects functioning of liver. So, liver makes healthy pure blood. It gives disease resistance power to the body.
  • There are some micronutrients in our body, which give life strength. These micronutrients are flushed out through urine. Therefore gradually ageing steps in our body. Cow urine has all elements, which compensate for deficiency of nutrients in our body, which are required for healthy life. Thus Cow urine stops ageing process. So it is called an elixir and also life giving.
  • Cow urine contains many minerals especially Copper, gold salts, etc. It compensates for bodily mineral deficiency. Presence of gold salts protects body against diseases.
  • Mental tension hurts nervous system. Cow urine is called medhya and hradya, which means it, gives strength to brain and heart. Thus cow urine protects heart and brain from damages caused by mental tension and protects these organs from disorders and diseases.
  • Excessive use of any medicine leaves some residue in our body. This residue causes diseases. Cow urine destroys the poisonous effects of residues and makes body disease free.
  • Electric currents (rays) which are present in the environment keep our body healthy. These rays in form of extremely small currents enter our body through Copper in our body. We get Copper from cow urine. To attract these electric waves is quality of Copper. Thus we become healthy.
  • By acting against the voice of soul (immoral & sinful action), the heart and mind become narrow minded. Due to this the functioning of body is effected and causes diseases. Cow urine provides mode of goodness. Thus helps us to perform correct activities by mind. Thus protects from diseases.
  • In scriptures some diseases are said to be due to sinful actions performed in previous lives which we have to bear. Ganga resides in cow urine. Ganga is destroyer of sins, thus cow urine destroys such previous sins and so diseases are cured.
  • The diseases caused by entrance of ghosts in body are cured by intake of cow urine. The Master of ghosts is Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva holds Ganga on his head. Ganga is in cow urine also. Thus by taking cow urine, the ghosts get to see Ganga over their master's head. So they are calmed and become peaceful. So they do not trouble the body. Thus, diseases caused by entrance of ghosts are also destroyed.
    By regularly taking cow urine before sickness, we get so much immunity that any attack of diseases is repulsed.
  • Cow urine being miraculous poison destroyer, destroys the disease caused by poison (Toxin). Extremely dangerous chemicals are purified by cow urine. Cow urine provides immunity power by increasing resistance power against diseases in human body. It is anti toxin.
  • "Sarve rogaah hi mandagnau" All diseases begin with mandagni (Low fire i.e. digestive capacity). If fire is strong, diseases won't occur. Cow urine keeps the fire strong.


Here are few pictures of the location where you get Gomutra:

Pure Gomutra ( Cow's Urine ) is available near Commercial Street - Bangalore.
Pure Gomutra ( Cow's Urine ) is available near Commercial Street - Bangalore.

If you know any other location in bangalore, let us know in the form of comments or mail me the details, it will be helpful for others.


  1. May I know the cost of Gomutra from a Desi Cow.As the hybrid cow urine do not have the properties of the indian Desi cows.

  2. It depends on the seller, In the above said location if you pay Rs.10, you will get the gomutra. If you are not ready to pay, you can give some food to cow and get the gomutra. If you do both, is also fine.

  3. which is this location exactly...?

  4. You can get pure gomutra at bansankari: Sant Sri Asaramji Ashram near bda complex.

  5. I,,s gomutra arc available in or around the Patna(Bihar),or can I have GET IT BY MAIL ORDER. Please guide me.

  6. how many days.i have to take cow urine to cure artharitis.

  7. Is it available in Mumbai stores ?

  8. Yes, it is available in pooja stores.