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Ganda Bherunda - The Mythical Bird

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Ganda Bherunda - The Mythical Bird
Gandha Bherunda Narasimha is a combination of bird and animal with two heads, and is said to have manifested from Lord Narasimha in his post-destruction pastime of killing Hiranyakasipu, when He would not control his anger.
It is a depiction of a two-headed garuda (a mythical bird) holding lions with its beak and elephants with its claws.

Guruji Sri Narendra Babu Sharmaji narrated the story of this Mythical Bird - Ganda Bherunda in his Sandhya Vandane Programme.
Before going further, read this post on Sri Sarabeswarar Temple – Thirubhuvanam.

The Story goes like this...
Narasimhavathaaram by Lord Vishnu was taken to destroy the asura Hiranyakasipu, who was filled with haughtiness proclaiming himself as God. Asura samharam was over. But Narasimha’s anger didn’t abate. The Universe couldn’t bear His anger.
The ‘devas’ appealed to Lord Shiva. To appease Narasimha’s anger, Lord Shiva assumed the form of a bird Sarabha. This form comprises the forms of an animal, human and bird – the face of a yali, human body and the form of a bird. The form of Narasimha consisted of a human body and the face of a lion. Kaali and Durga became the wings of Saraba.

Ganda Bherunda - The Mythical Bird
Bronze Sarabha Murti

Lord Sarabeswara lifted Narasimha to space, drew out the asura blood (Hiranyan’s) and pacified him. He took him to space because even if a drop of asura blood fell on the earth, it would lead to the emergence of many asuras. So, Lord Sarabeswara took Narasimha above the gravitational sphere to prevent his blood falling on earth. The form of Sarabeswara comprises four Gods – Shiva, Kaali, Durga and Vishnu.

Now again the problem arises, To destroy the Asura Hiranyakasipu, Lord Vishnu (The Preserver) had took Narasimhavathaaram. To destroy Narasimhavathaaram, and to bring back Lord Vishnu to normal, Lord Shiva (The Destroyer) had to take the form of a bird Sarabha which was explained above.

Now all the ‘devas’ appealed to Lord Brahma (The Creator). To appease Sarabha’s anger, Lord Brahma took the form of a bird Ganda Bherunda to bring back Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu to Normal.
This Ganda Bherunda form of Lord Brahma made it.
This is the story behind Ganda Bherunda - The Mythical Bird which was narrated by Guruji Sri Narendra Babu Sharmaji.


  1. Buddy ASk guruji where in the vedas or puranas is this bird mentioned,its a fake story that Vaisnava Acharyas created then ,unable to bear the shame.

  2. Hi Karthik,
    I have not met him till date.
    I just watch his programme and record his teachings in this blog so that it will be helpfull for those who miss the programme.

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  4. I think you and your guru also are half knowledged.

    The form of Gandabherunda Narasimha is true. When Siva approached in saraba form to control Lord Narasimha, Lord Narasimha became even more angry and took the form of Gandabherunda which is 2 headed bird which eats saraba, bears and elephants.

    The lord then pierced siva's saraba form into pieces. Then siva disappeared from the scene.

    It is only Bhakta Prahlada who calmed down Lord Narasimha by singing his glories.

    Narasimha purana is the proof for this.


  5. Hi, I don't have any knowledge on this.
    Whatever Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji tells in his programme is recorded here.

    Anyway thanks for your comment...

  6. Hi,
    Ganda Bherunda is the form of Narashimha's anger. Lord Narashimha named as "Gandabherunda Narashimha" because of his anger. Actually, the story is like this.When Prahalada sung glories on lord Narashimha, he became very excited and angrier.
    Devas appealed to lord Shiva and he took the form of Sarabheshwara. (Combination of animal, human and bird with lion head, four hands, four legs and two wings- one wing is Soolini Durga and another one is Maha Prathyangira Devi.)
    Lord Sarabheshwara carried lord Narashimha and shook his wings to calm down him. Lord Narashimha became calm. But, his anger took the form of Ganda Bherunda and fought with lord Sarabheswara about 18 days.
    Finally, lord Sarabheshwara released goddess Maha Prathyangira to help him. She became with 1000 lion faces, three eyes in each face and 2000 hands. Maha Prathyangira swallowed the Ganda Bherunda. That’s why mother Prathyangira named as “Ganda Bherunda Bhojini” or “Ganda Bherunda Pakshini”.
    … and please understand that lord Sarabheshwara not destroy Narashimha. He destroyed Ganda Bherunda- anger of lord Narashimha.

  7. Sakthi 4 your story is based on saktha purana. Saktha puranas are not considered authorative so also shaiva puranas. Both are considered tamasic. Its not me that telling. Veda Vyasa himself told this in padma purana.

  8. Complete invention of the saivam to belittle Narashimha as they couldn't take that Naarayana had such a teribble avataram.