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Mythological Story Behind Jog Falls

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Mythological Story Behind Jog Falls
In this article, you will come to know the answer for "How did Jog Falls Come in to Existence?" i.e the mythological story behind it. This Story was revealed by Guruji Sri Narendra Babu Sharmaji.

Mythological Story Behind Jog Falls
Jog Falls is nothing but Sharavathi’s Smile. Four falls make the Jog falls. Raja, Rani, Rocket and Roarer. Mightiest of all is the “Raja”. The one which falls through several rock catchments, emerging with a roar is known as “Roarer.” The one which resemble the stream of white smoke let out by rocket is called the “Rocket.” And finally the “Rani” which flows down gently.

The Story goes like this, Lord Anjaneya used to offer his prayers to lord Rama in the form of Sandhya vandanam. He used to perform Sandhya vandanam in all four directions North East West South at the same time, this shows how powerful he is. Seeing this, Ravana thought of doing some mischief to stop Lord Anjaneya.

What he did was, he caught hold the tail of Lord Anjaneya in his right hand. Lord Anjaneya was travelling in all directions to perform Sandhya Vandanam, so he didn't notice it. Now Ravana was in trouble, his hand got struck in the tail, to relieve his right hand from the tail, Ravana used his left hand because of his negative thought even left hand got caught in the tail, Now remaining is his two legs to relieve himself from the tail. He tried using his legs but failed even his legs got caught in tails.

Now Lord Anjaneya was flying with Ravana. As Lord Anjaneya was very naughty, he used to jump and fly here and there. When he Jumped along with Ravana, the impact at which he jumped formed the Jogfalls - Sharavathi’s Smile.
Ravana was not a small character, he was 800 feet high just imagine this Gigantic Character hitting the ground. This impact is the reason behind the origin of Jog Falls.

In this episode, while narrating the story of Jog Falls, Guruji also mentioned about two temples namely Jog Chamudeshwari Temple and Kargal Chowdeshwari Temple.
Sri Chamudeshwari Temple is very near to Jog Falls which is maintained by Staffs of Karnataka Electricity Board. Here the idol of Chamudeshwari has two faces, one is facing east and other is facing west (which is viewed through a window). This idol consists of 16 hands.

5 Kms from Jog Falls is the Kargal Chowdeshwari Temple.


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