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Procedure to worship Tulasi Devi - Tulsi Pooja

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Procedure to worship Tulasi Devi - Tulsi Pooja
Tulsi is a sacred plant which can be found in almost every Hindu's home. Tulsi Pooja (Worship of Tulsi) is observed almost every day. Following things are required for Tulsi Puja.
The sacred plant, Tulsi is regarded as the incarnation of the goddess Mahalakshmi. Tulsi represents duty, dedication, love, virtue and sorrow of all women. That is why this herb is usually worshipped by women of all age groups.
This pooja was requested by Mr.Dinesh and the credits for this post goes to Meera Subbarao.

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Procedure to worship Tulasi Devi - Tulsi PoojaHere is a translation about how to do the Tulasi Pooja.

Ladies, married woman, unmarried woman after finishing their daily pooja within the house, should do the tulasi pooje everyday without fail.

Put Rangoli near the tulasi vrindavana or katte. Next, put water, haldi and kumkum while reciting

Shriya priye Shriyavase nityam Shridhara vallabhe |
Bhaktyadattam Mayaargyam hi Tulasi prathigruhatyam ||

Put flowers also and recite the following sloka as well

Yanmule sarva thirthani yanmadye sarva devatha |
yadagre sarva vedashcha Tulasi thvam namam mayham ||
Tulasi Shrisakhi Shubhe papaharini Punyade |
Namaste Naradanute Narayanamanahah Priye ||

Do namaskara to Shri Tulasi.

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Here is a video on How to Offer Pooja to Tulasi Devi


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