Bhoo Varahaswamy Temple - Varahanatha Kalhalli

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Bhoo Varahaswamy Temple - Varahanatha Kalhalli
Far away from Bangalore’s concrete jungle and noisy traffic, resting cozily beside Hemavati river is this tiny village Kalhalli, which houses the unique Bhoo Varahaswamy temple. This is one of the prominent places along the path of river Kaveri.
En route to Kalhalli is Belenahalli village, with the major flower market. The flowers are grown locally and in the surrounding villages and then brought to the village market for trade. This market is a visual treat.
The last few kilometres of journey is bumpy ride as the roads are not so good. There is a river flowing gently just beside the road. This captivating view will sure relieve our stress. All along the path, there are banana plantations, flower beds and coconut fields.

Bhoo Varahaswamy Temple - Varahanatha Kalhalli
This temple is dedicated to the third incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the Varahaswamy or the wild boar form. The structure of the temple is very simple. It is a rectangular building built of big grey stone blocks. The temple consists of two units, the sanctum and the front hall. There are two huge wooden doors at the entrance. Inside the sanctum is the awe inspiring deity.

The Pralaya Varahaswamy is in a sitting pose with goddess Bhoodevi seated on its left lap. This 18 feet high idol is beautiful and majestic. It’s a monolith made of grey stone. The horns of the deity are lighter in colour and the eyes have the red tinge. But it is difficult to establish if it was carved out or if it was self formed.


This temple is said to be more than 2500 years old. This region is said to be a ‘punyakshetra’ or a holy region where the great sage Gautam performed penance. It was the maharishi who worshipped the saligrama here. Many years later, according to legend, king Veera Ballala got lost in these forests during one of his hunting trips. When he was resting under the shade of a huge tree he saw a hunting dog chasing a rabbit. When they reached a particular spot, the rabbit turned back and started to chase the ferocious dog. Noticing this strange turn of events, the king was convinced of some unseen powers in that place. He dug up the whole area and found the deity of Pralaya Varahaswamy hidden under the layers of earth. The king then installed it in the temple and offered regular prayers. The temple that we see today is the remains of what the king had built. It has weathered severe floods and stood to tell the tale. Even today, right in front of the temple is the stone slab with Devanagiri inscriptions on it, telling us the story of the place.

Bhoo Varahaswamy Temple - Varahanatha Kalhalli
This temple is open from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm. Just beside this temple are the ruins of an ancient temple that was once dedicated to goddess Lakshmi. This structure is smaller in size. Legend has it that when the area was submerged in the backwaters of Kaveri river from the KRS dam and the gushing waters of Hemavathi river, she flung open the roof of the temple and escaped to another religious place Melkote which is nearby. The hole through which she escaped is star shaped and the stone slab of the same shape and size has been found at Dodda Gadiganahalli, a nearby village. This stone has been matched to that of the ruins of the temple by archaeologists. On the river bed are ruins of the Hanuman temple, which are seen when the river water recedes.

Just beside the temple, the Hemavathi river flows graciously. Though the river appears calm there are strong undercurrents and thus swimming here is not advisable. In fact, the depth of the river in the centre of the path has not been established yet and is said to be very deep. During monsoons the water level reaches the temple wall. As the backwaters from the dam also rush in, the river here swells, submerging the adjoining areas. And then with the change of season the water recedes. An annual fair is held here on “Varaha Jayanthi”, which is usually in April or May.


To reach this place take the Bangalore Mysore highway and take a deviation from Pandupura. The village is 32 km from this turn at Pandupura. Kalhalli comes under the KR Pet taluk of Mandya district. After taking the deviation from Pandupura, you come across many beautiful villages like Aaralukuppe, Katere, Hosa Kanambadi, Banamgadi, Belenahalli and Gangikere. Gangikere is the nearest bus stop for KSRTC buses and Kalhalli is about 2 km from here. One has to hire a local vehicle from Gangikere or walk up to the temple as there are no buses plying till there.

Credits: Savitha Ramachandra

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  1. Hi,

    This is just for info of the people who wish to visit this temple,temple is closed for renovation as on May 2010. Renovation work may take about a year's time. You can only have darshan of the lord in a photo till then.

  2. Thanks for your information, kindly leave your name for further comments.

  3. please update if the temple has been reopened now,if anybody knows or visited recently

  4. Hi,
    Please update if the temple is open for Darshan. Please do update the date, as this blog does not show the date.

  5. Hi.,
    please update if the temple has been reopened now ?

  6. Hi,
    As said by others, there is no date mentioned in the blogs.
    Please update about re-opening of temple date.
    - 23 aug 2011

  7. Hello All,

    The Temple is now open for Dharshan. Kindly carry Drinking water and food as you will not find any of these up to few Kilometers.

    Its a Joy to see Lord Varahaswamy's Huge Statue.You will also find the wonderful view of nature.

    Kind request to every one who visit the temple is not to throw plastics or waste in and around as they do not have a System to clean the premises yet.

    May Every one's wishes come true and get the blessings.

    Date of visit : 24 Sep 2011

  8. Thank you, Prashanth for your update.

  9. please post the KSRTC bus timings to gangigere from mandya or sringapattana or K r pet for the benefit of devotees.

  10. Hello All,

    For the benefit of devotees I would like to update from my recent visit 2 weeks ago on Sept 24th 2011, in a great manner that the temple construction is progressing it is really appreciated, there is a formal committee which is formed to ensure that the temple gets a traditional, devotees are free to make donations to ensure the Bhoo Varaha temple structure comes up the way its been planned, the plan has been posted around the temple for devotees. Its by the way of cash offering for which you also get reciept and also by the means of buying 2 bricks which are sold around the temple, 1 brick for temple construction and another for the devotee to keep it for his/her own house construction' its said that the Bhoomi Devi pleased with devotees who offer prayers to Varaha Swamy helps the dream of constructing a house in short span. This is a great opportunity for all who wish to take blessings of LakshmiVishnu Roopa BhooVaraha Swamy, and we all know the powerful BhooVaraha Swamy lets no one go empty handed. And this opportunity of buying a brick may be available only till the construction is going on!! The directions to temple from Mandya are given perfectly right in this blog. BhooVaraha swamy idol is so attrative and has cosmic power that you just cannot take your eyes off, the power in your belief will sure make you gain positive energy and achievement of your long desired dreams / goals in short span!! || Om Namah Sree Vishu Roopa BhooVaraha Swamy||

    Wishing you all a safe and memorable visit to Shree Lakshmi Bhoo Varah Swamy temple

    Best Reagards,
    Raaj Kumar R
    Dated: 4th October 2011

  11. there is one more famous kala bhairaveshwara temple nearby which is famous for Basavanna ..Chikkarasinakere near maddur…

    for details

  12. Have visited Bhoo Varahaswamy temple couple of weeks back. The construction of the new temple is going on at full swing. Incidentally the day we visited, the cranes were laying the roof of the courtyard of the temple. We waited till 2 PM and when the work ceased, darshan was granted to all the devotees. What a wonderful sight it was to see such a huge monolithic statue of the lord.

    This place is surely going to gain more prominence in the coming days once the temple construction is completed. The authorities should provide more sign boards for directions to reach the temple which is easily approachable from either Bangalore or Mysore with excellent roads till end. This is surely a good long drive for the bored residents of these two cities.

    For those travelling from Bangalore please note-

    From Bangalore it is 160kms approx one way depending on starting point

    Take the first right after Mandya Industrial Area to go to Pandavapura

    While returning ask for Pandavapura and then to BM highway to Mandya

    Closer from Mysore around 50kms who can approach it from the KRS side

  13. hiii it's me shobharani m v Is a wonderfull was built by Hoysal's...

  14. can someone who has visited the temple plz let me know if the construction work is still on and if yes when is temple work getting completed ...

  15. it is one of most beautiful and wonderful temple. when we taken darshana of this varahaswamy all the land disputes were cleared. its really true.

    1. no sir it is not true last 2 month back our family are going to temple halige hoguva muna land ge advance ahgithu amele land purchase ge bandha party hega return kodi anthe keluthidhare. our family full of dangeres suchiaction face maduthidhre god our family na kapaduthane anthe wait madthana heli sir

    2. nimma bhaya sahaja vadaddu, devaranna nambidavaru yavagalu sukhavagirthaare. Bhoo Varaha Swamy yannu nenedu maneyalle nitya pooja maaduvudarinda nimma jaaga nimage labhisutte. nambike inda pooje maadi. nimma mane pakkadalli varahaswamy temple illa andre, Vishnu devalayakke bhoo varaha swamy ya hesarininda yelakki haaravannu arpisi. olleyadaagutte. Shubhavaagli
      Girija, Bangalore.

  16. hey, all the comments are really very good and useful, but can anyone tell me how to go by bus from Bangalore City market or Majestic. please guide me. is there any bus facility to visit that temple. i dont own a vehicle & have to travel by bus. please inform, it will be helpful to most of the people like me.

  17. All the comments are good and useful, please tell me if anybody knows the bus route from Bangalore City market or Majestic. it will be useful to people who does not own a vehicle and have to travel by bus. thanks, Girija.

  18. Dear all,
    Pls let me know if there is a pooja that can be offered at the temple.

    1. Right now construction of temple is at full swing. Visit the temple once for darshan and later you can offer pooja accordingly in your next visit.

  19. This temple is very rare bhu vararaha swamy temple once you enter you will be engrossed with divine can reach this place from bengalure by catching ksrtc bus to K R PET and from there you can engage auto or reach padavapura by bus/train and engage auto/enquire for bus.


  20. Temple is open for darshan now. You can also contribute to the temple construction, for which you will get a receipt also.

  21. The renovation is still going on but its open for darshan.

  22. Dear All,
    I have posted an Interesting Article on Real Estate(House/Apartment/Plot/land)-Vedic Astrology prospective for buying/building new house or apartment, Also see vedic Astrology remedies to please Bhoo Varaha Swamy.

    See following link.


  23. mostly temple pratista on akshaya trithya day

  24. Dear sir

    Thanks & Regards

    Srinivas Raju
    E mail

  25. This is temple is very good, god is very exaltation and the hemavathi rever is now full of water. please visit this temple and have blessing of god.
    near temple buying 2 bricks which are sold around the temple, 1 brick for temple construction and another for the devotee to keep it for his/her own house construction' its said that the Bhoomi Devi pleased with devotees who offer prayers to Varaha Swamy helps the dream of constructing a house in short span.
    the road to the temple is some what good, from mysore it is 40 km approx., please carry some food that you can have relax near rever , near no good hotel.