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Three Tough Questions

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Three Tough Questions
There was a young man who had gone overseas to study for quite a long time.

When he returned,he asked his parents to find him a religious scholar or any expert who could answer his 3 Questions.

Finally his parents were able to find a Monk...

Young Man : Who are you ? Can you answer my questions ?

Monk : I am one of Lords messenger and God willing I will be able to answer your questions.

Young Man : Are you sure? A lot of professors and experts were not able to answer my questions .

Scholar : I will try my best with the help of Almighty..

Young Men : I have 3 Questions -

1) Does God exist ? If so show me, What is his shape ?

2) What is fate ?

3) Why the same creations of God suffer or enjoy life differently ?

Suddenly, the monk slapped the young man's face very hard. Young man ( feeling pain) Why did you get angry with me ?

Monk : I am not angry . The slap is my answer to your 3 questions.


Monk ; How do you feel after I slapped you ?
YOung Man : I feel pain

Monk : So do you believe that pain exists ?
Young Man : Yes

Monk : Show me the shape of the pain !
Young Man : I CANNOT

Monk : That is my answer for your first 2 questions. All of us feel God's existence without being able to see his shape.

Monk : Last night, did you dream that you will be slapped by me ?

Young man : No

Monk : Did you ever think that you will get a slap from me ,today

Young Man : No

Monk : That is Fate...My hand that I used to slap you, what is it created from ?

Young Man : It is created from Flesh
Monk : How about your face , what is it created from ?

Young Man : Flesh
Monk : How did you feel after I slapped you ?

Young Man : In Pain

Monk : Even though Rich and also the Poor were created from the same flesh , but God wants both the flesh to feel differently and live a different lifestyle


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