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Procedure - To Minimize the Problems in Daily Life

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Procedure - To Minimize the Problems in Daily Life
Guruji Narendra Babu Sharmaji gave us the below procedure to be followed everyday by everyone. This procedure can be followed in all family.

Prepare Chapati (Chapati is a form of roti) every night.

Two number of Chapati for Male head of the family. If the family have One Son then one chapati for him. Therefore prepare Three Chapati's night itself.
If the family have Two Son's then prepare one chapati for each i.e total four Chapati's.

Next day morning before taking bath the male head of the family should take 2 chapati's to terrace and perform twelve namaskaras.

After performing twelve namaskar to Lord Surya, offer these chapati's (make it into small pieces) to Crows in remembering your ancestors. (Son also should repeat the same procedure with his chapati every morning)

The reason behind doing this is our ancestors will have the chapati in the form of Crows therefore our pitru dosha will get reduced. The procedure is done before taking bath hence Shani will also be happy.
When you offer Wheat (Godhi in kannada) as dhana, even Lord Surya will be happy.

After completing the above said procedure have bath and offer your prayer to lord. After this go near tulsi madam ( A kind of cement pillar in which tulsi is planted ) and perform twelve namaskar.

While going near tulsi plant take the Tamara Chombu with you.

Take a Silver Chombu or Tamara Chombu ( Don’t use Steel Chombu ), fill it with 3/4th of water, add tulsi leaves, Vilva leaves, Jasmine Flower. Keep it in the Pooja room at Night.
Early morning (5:15 AM to 6:30 AM), ask the Male Head of the Family to take the Chombu to Tulsi Madam. Apply arishina ,kukuma to the pot or madam ( Dont apply to plant) pour half of the water in the chombu to tulsi madam or pot facing east by reciting Navagraha Mantra.
Take the poured water in the pot and sprinkle it on your head and pray to Surya Bhagwan for health.
The remaing half water should be kept in the pooja room itself.
In the evening, pour the remaining half water to the tulsi madam facing North.
Offer your prayer to Tulsi.

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