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List of Ekadashis

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List of Ekadashis
My previous post was on Ekadasi: The Appearance and Purpose of This Special Day. Each Ekadasi day has particular story related to it which, i will be posting in coming days.
The table below describes the various Ekadashis and when they fall in the year.

EkadashiVedic MonthsWestern Months
01. Saphala EkadashiPausha Krishna PakshDec - Jan
02. Putrada EkadashiPausha Shukla PakshDec - Jan
03. Sat Tila EkadashiMagha Krishna PakshJan - Feb
04. Bhaimi EkadashiMagha Shukla PakshJan - Feb
05. Vaikunta EkadasiPhalgun Krishna PakshFeb - Mar
06. Amalaki EkadashiPhalgun Shukla PakshFeb - Mar
07. Papamochani EkadashiChaitra Krishna PakshMar - Apr
08. Kamada EkadashiChaitra Shukla PakshMar - Apr
09. Varuthini EkadashiVaisakh Krishna PakshApr - May
10. Mohini EkadashiVaisakh Shukla PakshApr - May
11. Apara EkadashiJyeshtha Krishna PakshMay - Jun
12. Pandava EkadashiJyeshtha Shukla PakshMay - Jun
13. Yogini EkadashiAshaad Krishna PakshJun - Jul
14. Shayani EkadashiAshaad Shukla PakshJun - Jul
15. Kamika EkadashiShravan Krishna PakshJul - Aug
16. Pavitropana EkadashiShravan Shukla PakshJul - Aug
17. Ananda EkadashiBhadrapad Krishna PakshAug - Sep
18. Parsva EkadashiBhadrapad Shukla PakshAug - Sep
19. Indira EkadashiAshwin Krishna PakshSep - Oct
20. Padmini EkadashiPurushottam Shukla Paksh--
21. Parama EkadashiPurushottam Krishna Paksh--
22. Pasankusha EkadashiAshwin Shukla PakshSep - Oct
23. Rama EkadashiKartik Krishna PakshOct - Nov
24. Prabodhini EkadashiKartik Shukla PakshOct - Nov
25. Utpanna EkadashiMargasirsha Krishna PakshNov - Dec
26. Mokshada EkadashiMargasirsha Shukla PakshNov - Dec

Please note:

Ekaadasi fast is exempted for those who are ailing, for the aged persons, and for ladies who are pregnant. This is in agreement with accepted dharma shastraic doctrines. Those who cannot observe a full fast may observe it to the extent possible - like fasting by drinking milk, fruit juices, etc. Even those who are exempted the full fast due to physical conditions must avoid onion, garlic, and other spicy foods that are ritually impure on ekaadasi days. Ekaadasi is the king among the Fasts, and one should be regulated in food habits (even if physical condition does not permit total abstinence from food and water). Please remember this important point and observe the fast in the way that is possible for you according to your circumstances.


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