Arulmigu Masani Amman Temple, Anaimalai - Pollachi
Goddess Masani Amman temple is a powerful Amman (Mother) temple situated in Anaimalai, 14 kms from Pollachi, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The temple is situated near the foot hills of Anaimalai and at the junction of Aliyar river and Uppar stream. The main deity is Goddess Masani Amman, derived from "Mayana Sayani" (which means one who sleeps in the graveyard). The other deities are the Neethi Kal (Stone of Justice) or Goddess of Justice in the serpent form and Lord Maha Muniappan.

The idol of Goddess Masani is very powerful and unique. It is very common to find the Goddess idols in the sanctum sanctorum either in standing or the sitting posture, but here the Goddess idol is in the lying posture. The Idol is very huge about 15 Feet in length and the very sight of the Goddess is fascinating. The Deity has four hands two raised above the ground and the other two placed on the ground. The hands are carrying the Trident, Drum, Snake and the Skull.

Thousands of people visit this temple and offer their prayers to Goddess Masani. People have a firm belief on the Goddess that she would solve all their problems and protect them from all evil. The devotees list all their needs, hopes and wishes in a piece of paper and give it to the temple priest to place it at the trident of the Goddess. It is believed that when one submits their wishes to the Goddess with utmost devotion, their wishes would be granted within a span of 3 weeks.

The another fascinating fact in the temple is the prayer offered to Goddess of Justice called the Neethi Kal in Tamil. The people who suffer from evil deeds of their enemies, Businessmen who have incurred loss, People who have lost their belongings offer their prayers to Neethi Kal for help and justice. They take bath and apply the holy ash over their body then they grind the chillies in the temple grinding stone. The ground chilly paste is then smeared all over the Neethi Kal with utmost devotion and prayers are offered for justice. It is believed that on doing so the people get relieved from their enemies and evil, the Lost property or belonging are regained and the businesses that were running on loss would become profittable.

There are several popular tales associated to the origin of Goddess Masani Amman temple.

The Tale of King Nannan and the Mango grove
In ancient times Anaimalai was called as Nannur and was ruled by the King Nannan. He owned a dense Mango grove beside the river Aliyar. He appointed several guards to protect the Mango grove and took punitive measures against the trespassers.

Arulmigu Masani Amman Temple, Anaimalai - Pollachi
On a fateful day a group of girls were taking bath in the river Aliyar. One of the girls came across a mango that had fallen into the river from Nannan's Mango grove. She was tempted at the sight of the fruit and ate the mango forgeting its consequences. The guards informed the King about the incident. Angered the King Nannan immediately executed the girl for eating the fruit. Even though the girl pleaded for mercy and her father readily offered 81 elephants and gold equal to his daugther's weight, the King refused and mercilessly executed her. Later it is believed that the kith and kin of the girl became very furious thus attacked the King and killed him in the battle field. The girl was then buried in the graveyard beside the river Aliyar. The people later made a reclining image of the girl and started worshipping her. The girl was called as Goddess "Mayana Sayani" which gradually became Goddess Masani.

Lord Rama and Sage Vishwamitra
Another tale related to Goddess Masani Amman dates back to the time of Lord Rama. Sage Vishwamitra wanted to perform penance in the mountains of Kadaganachi. But the mountains were haunted by the demon Tataka who possessed evil powers to interrupt the Sage's penance. Hence Sage Vishwamitra requested King Dasaratha to send Lord Rama and Lakshmana along with him to the mountains of Kadaganachi. It is believed that the brothers made an idol of Goddess Parvathi and worshipped her to bless them with the strength to kill the demon. The Goddess Parvathi appeared before the brothers Rama and Lakshmana and granted the boon to kill the demon. She asked them to destroy her idol once the demon was killed. But it is believed that Lord Rama refused to destroy the idol since he wanted the idol to remain and save the people of that place. Thus the idol of Goddess Parvathi came to be known as Goddess Masani amman and is believed to guard its people from evil.

Arulmigu Masani Amman Temple, Anaimalai - Pollachi
It is also believed that Lord Rama visited the Masani Amman temple on his way to Srilanka in search of sita.Lord Rama is believed to have performed penance at the graveyard where Goddess Masani amman idol was present. Pleased by His penance, Goddess Masani appeared to Lord Rama and blessed him for his victory over King Ravana.

The Tale of Devoted Couple
It is believed that a young couple lived in the village of Anaimalai. Both of them loved each other intensely and never departed from one another. The lady then became pregnant but she refused to leave her husband and go to her mother's place. It is tradition in India to go to ones mother's place during pregnancy for safe delivery. But one night when the wife realised that the time for delivery was nearing she requested her husband to take her to the midwife in her mother's village. The way to the mother's village was a dense forest and it was pitch dark. The couple prayed to the Lord and started towards the village on foot. On the way to the mother's village the wife was totally exhausted midway and asked her husband to leave her there to rest. She asked him to go to the village and get the midwife while she took some rest and waited for him. Her husband hesitantly left her alone in the forest and went to the midwife's house.

Arulmigu Masani Amman Temple, Anaimalai - Pollachi
The man knocked at the midwife's door. She opened the door and looked at him totally shocked. On hearing his request she immediately started towards the forest along with the chieftain of the village and other elderly villagers. But when they reached the place all of them were shocked to see the Lady and her child lying dead. The midwife consoled the lady's husband and told him about the dream she had in the morning. She dreamt that a pregnant lady would be alone in the forest waiting for help. She would then be stalked by a demon. Terrified she would start running but would skid and fall by stepping over a cow dung. But when the demon would approach further and stoop to hold her hand. She would screams and warn him to leave her then the very instant a lightning would blind the demon. She would then take the mighty form of the Goddess Parvathi and kill the demon. Later she would reunite with the Goddess Parvathi in heaven. Thus the midwife narrates her dream associating it to the lady's death. Thus the man's wife was none other than an incarnation of Goddess Parvathi and she was reborn to destroy the evil. Once the evil was destroyed she has completed her objective of her birth and thus the soul has again reunited with the Goddess in heaven.

Arulmigu Masani Amman Temple, Anaimalai - Pollachi
The midwife told the elderly people that the cowdung was also associated to a legend. While the Demigods and the Demons were churning the Ocean of Milk many beautiful valuable things emerged out of it. One of them was the Kamadhenu Cow which would grant anything one asks for. Thus the demons wanted to snatch Kamadhenu from demigods. Realising the danger Kamadhenu prayed to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi for help. Thus Goddess Parvathi hid the cow in the Nandavanam (Garden). When the Devas later approached her she handed over Kamadhenu to them. At this instance Kamadhenu was frightened and dropped some dung in front of Parvathi. Later ashamed of the action Kamadhenu apologised to Goddess Parvathi. Goddess Parvathi then convinced Kamadhenu and blessed it that from then on cows would be worshipped and would be regarded divine. The Goddess also said that in her next birth she would step on the cow dung and the cow dung would be relieved of its mistake. Thus the midwife explained to the people present that the Goddess was thus reborn as this man's wife and thus stepped over the cowdung and relieved it from its curse.

The midwife also told the elderly people that the body of the lady should be buried and since she was an incarnation of Goddess Parvathi should be worshipped. But people were scared initially to go to the graveyard and offer prayers. But later seeing her power and blessings they made an idol of the lady in the graveyard in the reclining form and started worshipping it. A temple was later built and the Goddess was called Masani Amman.

Poojas and Festivals
Tuesdays and Fridays are believed to be very auspicious to Goddess Masani Amman. Hundreds of devotees gather on these days to offer their prayers and special poojas are done. On the Karthigai star day that occurs every month and on New Moon days special poojas are offered to the Goddess.

Annual Kundam festival is celebrated with grandeur. Thousands of devotees come to Anaimalai to witness this festival. The Temple flag hoisting on the new moon day of the Tamil month Thai (January - February) marks the begining of Kundam festival.On the 14th day of the festival special poojas are done to the Goddess. On the 16th day the Ther (Chariot) festival is celebrated with grandeur. On the same day at around 10 PM in the night the holy fire is lit in the kundam (Fire pit). The next day devotees offer their prayers to Goddess Masani and walk on the fire in the fire pit which is approximately 50 feet in length.It is believed that when one walks over the fire with utmost devotion and belief the fire does not burn one's feet. On the 18th day of the festival the temple flag is lowered and the Lord Mahamuni Pooja is performed. The 19th day brings the closure of the kundam festival with sacred abhishekam to the Goddess.

Holy Days : Vaikasi Visakam, Adi Perukku, Adi Pooram, Tamil New Year Day, Amavasai, Vinayakar Chathurthi, Deepavali, Karthigai Depam, Markazhi Dhanur Pooja, Navarathri

Worship Time :
The Sanctum of the deity is kept open from 6.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M.

Few words from Brahmanda Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji
Guruji referred this temple to a caller who was suffering from evil spirits like mata mantra.

Arulmigu Masani Amman Temple, Anaimalai - Pollachi
Guruji asked her to purchase 1kg of Red Chilli.
Grind these Red Chillis into paste and apply to Goddess Masani Amman.
Pray to her that, you should save my family.
After your problems are solved, you should offer her Oil Abhishekam (Tailabhisheka).
It may take 3 months or 6 months or even 3 years to get you problem solved depending upon your karma.
Read 4th or 11th puta from Sree Prathyankara Devi Vajra Kavacha book in your house.
Dont get anything accept Vibhuthi and Kumkuma from the temple, not even goddess's photo.
If possible get the theertha prasadam from temple.
Mix this kumkuma, theertha prasadam with water and lemon juice and sprinkle it all over your house.

How to get there?
By Road: Anaimalai is 14 Kms. from Pollachi and Pollachi is approximately 60 Kms from Coimbatore. Anaimalai is around 50 Kms from Palghat.

Coimbatore to Anaimalai is around 60 Kms and takes around 1 hour 30 mins on road by Bus/Car. From Coimbatore proceed on the NH 209 => Kinattukkadavu => Pollachi => Anaimalai.

Bangalore to Anaimalai is around 400 Kms and takes around 6 hours on road by Bus/Car. From Bangalore proceed on Hosur road => Krishnagiri => Dharmapuri => Bhavani => Tiruppur => Pollachi => Anaimalai

Trivandrum to Anaimalai is around 400 Kms and takes around 6 hours on road by Bus/Car. From Trivandrum proceed NH 208 => Rajapalaiyam => Andipatti => Periyakulam => Palani => Pollachi => Anaimalai

By Air: Coimbatore Airport is the nearest airport to the temple. From Coimbatore one has to later plan on Road to the temple.

By Rail: Coimbatore is a major station well connected to all the major cities of South India. From Coimbatore one can plan via road to reach the temple.

Temple Address & Contact Details
The Executive Officer,
Arulmigu Masani Amman Temple,
Anaimalai - 642104,
Pollachi Taluk,
Coimbatore District.
Ph : +91-04253-282337