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How to take away Drishti using Ash Gourd?

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How to take away Drishti using Ash Gourd?
Purchase a Fresh Ash Gourd or Winter melon (Hindi: petha; Tamil: Chambal Pusanika; Kannada: Boodu kumbalakai) every Amavasya or Pournami in a month.

If you start this procedure in amavasya, you should follow this procedure every amavasya. If you start this in pournami, you should follow this every pournami.

Each member of the family should stand facing East (Purva in Kannada ; Kilakku in Tamil).

Elder citizen of the family should remove dristi to all members and to all parts of the house like rooms etc..

Before and after taking away the dristi all should offer their prayer to Lord Hanuman.

After taking away the dristi, the person who is taking away the dristi should walk backwards and while coming out of the house he should keep is left leg first (out side).

You should tie the Ash gourd with black thread ( Karuppu kairu in Tamil; Kambli dhara in kannada) in Ishanya (North-East) Corner of the house.


  1. Update:
    If you are following this procedure on amavasya tie it in evening (before sun set).
    If you are following this procedure on pournami tie it in night (after sun set).

  2. can u please elaborate in detail with photos?