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28. Trimukha Ganapati

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28. Trimukha Ganapati
The Shivanidhi portion includes descriptions of thirty-two forms of Ganapati that are mentioned frequently in devotional literature related to Ganesha.
There are also sculptural representations of these thirty-two forms in the temples at Nañjanguḍ and Chāmarājanagar (both in Mysore district, Karṇāṭaka), done about the same time as the paintings were done and also at the direction of the same monarch.
Each of the thirty-two illustrations is accompanied by a short Sanskrit meditation verse (dhyānaśloka), written in Kannada script. The meditation verses list the attributes of each form. The text says that these meditation forms are from the Mudgala Purana.

This information was given by Brahmanda Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji, in his Bruhat Brahmanda programme telecasted in Zee Kannada Channel while speaking on 32 Forms of Ganapathi.

Temples Related To Trimukha Ganapathi - This Ganapati is located in Lord Jagannath Temple - Puri - Orissa.

Nakshatra Related To Trimukha Ganapathi : Dhanishta Nakshatra

Trimukha Ganapati, the contemplative "three-faced" Lord of red hue, sits on a golden lotus, telling His beads, holding a noose, goad and vessel of nectar. He gestures protection with a right hand and blessings with a left.

Trimukha Ganapati Mantra:
Meditation verse as written in Kannada script in the above painting:

atha trimuKagaNapatidhyAnaM || mudgalapurANe ||

shrUmattIkShNa shiKAMkushAkSha varadAndakShE dadhAnaH karaiH | pAshaMcAmRuta pUrNakuMbhamabhayaM vAmE dadhAnO mudA | pIThE svarNamayAraviMda vilasatsatkarNikA bhAsure | svAsInastrimuKaH palAsharucirO nAgAnanaH pAtu naH ||28|| raktavarNa |

Translation of Mantra:
Meditation on trimuKa (three faces) gaNapti as told in mudgalapurANa.
He carries in two of his right hands a hook which is very sharp and is shining, a rosary and is holding another hand in boon bestowing gesture (varada). He carries in two of his left hands a noose, a urn full of celestial nectar (amruta) and is holding the another hand in gesture of bestowing fearlessness (abhaya). He is seated on shining golden throne with lotus in the center. He has three eyes with elephantine face and he effulgent like the flame of forest flower(bastard teak/butea frondosa). May such trimuKa gaNapati protect us.
He is of Red color.
"The Tree-Head Ganapati". He has six arms. He is red in colour. His first hand shows the movement which gives boons (varada), the four others hols a very sharp elephant goad, a rudrâksha grain of the rosary, the noose and the ambrosia pot (amritakumbha) ; the sixth hand removes the fear (abhaya).

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