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Visit to Theertha Pureeswarar Temple by our blog reader

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Visit to Theertha Pureeswarar Temple by our blog reader
I got a mail from our regular blog reader Mr.Robin Rabindran, who recently visited to Theertha Pureeswarar (Arathurai Nathar) Temple - Tirunelvayil Arathurai and I just wanted to share his experience with you all.
Iam just posting the mail which i have received as it is.

The mail goes like this.....

Hey Friend..
Well I left bangalore on Sat night and enquired about reaching Virudhachalam. So some of them advised to board Cuddalore bus.
But some how I missed the bus and then boarded Chidhambaram Bus.
Then the driver advised me that I need not go to Chidhambaram and then come back to virudhachalam. Instead he shall drop me at a place called Vadalore ( 1/2 Kms to Virudhachalam).
Then by 5ish I got down at Vadalore and reach Virudhachalam through another bus. Reaching Virudhachalam I boarded an Bus to Thittakudi, to reach Pennadam.

Then Inquiring the conductor and others in bus I found out that I need not get down in Pennadam, instead a little further - Place called " Avinga gudi".
So, you can get down at Pennadam Town bus stand. As penndam is huge place And only from the town bus stand you get Auto's.

So, took an auto and asked for " Thiru Vada Thurai" ( Theertha Pureshwarar Koil). Or its also called as Theertheshwarar Koil ( Localites call it).
the auto charges you about 200rs for taking you there and waiting and getting back.
The auto goes into a interior village and you get the temple, as seen in the pictures you have uploaded.

There was no one in temple, though the temple was open. There were a family residing out side the temple, and then I called up the number and the Pandit ji's wife picked up and said that the Acharya ji is coming,...
Then by that time, I took bath and got ready. However, just to state -- there is no Toilet facility there. Only a open tap and open place to take bath.
The pandit ji came in and I asked to do Pancha Amritha Abhisheka. But there are no shops there.
So I requested the people residing there, to help me and they agreed that they shall get it from a little far off place.
So I gave them some cash. However, I also had brought lot of flowers and fruits( pooja items) in Virudhachalam itself.. so it helped a bit.
SO these guys brought me others items of abhisheka..

By that time, the Acharya ji was spking to me and he cannot hear properly and he is 70 yrs old. So very slowly he started to fetch the water from the holy water well and started to pour it on all the lingas and other idols there.. but he was very tired and left it half and half.
So then I requested to him, if I could do.. and I took over it.
Now I went fetched the water and poured and cleaned all the lingas with ambal idols inside the temple premises..
There were 9 devi Idols, which were kept unattended. And Guru Dakshina Murthy Idol, Natraj Idol, Ganesh ji Idol..Vishnu Idol..
I started pouring the water on all these Idols, cleansed them.. just kept chanting Om Namah Shiva....
And then came inside the temple, near Garbha Griha and started cleaning with water.

I'll you I felt like crying see the state of the temple, no one to attend no one to clean.. well, I just prayed and asked sorry to all gods if I have done any thing wrong, as my only intension is to clean the place..,.,. as I was not wearing the traditional attire and also me a Catholic..
well, I know its against the Sanathan Dharma.. but its just no one to take care and the archarya ji is not in good health to do it..
Belive me there was a girl, who was entering the Grabha Griha and helping in all these..
Well at first I thought, it should be wrong.. later realized that, GOD is GOOD and accepts everyone and any one with devotion.

Later the Acharya ji started the Pancha amritha Abisheka ( but the items were not that much in quantity, as I had given them enough of cash) but I realized that atleast this I got to get and dint ask them much accts.. and also brought more of Thill oil.. as there is no much lamps and oil for lighing lamps..
I just felt more and more sad seeing all these..
Any way the abhisheka completed nicely.. and we went to Ambal Sannadhi.

Again there the state was very very sad... then Again I took over and started cleaning with water (Grabha Griha).. and felt satisfied.
Then the Acharya ji started the abhisheka ( milk, chandhan, turmeric)..
Every thing was fine and done..
Got the prasadham and I had to Dakshina to the Acharaya ji and cash to the others who helped me through.

Belive me till the time I left the temple, no one had come in for any puja, though it was a sunday. Then I understand, why the temple is soo poorly maintained.

Now suddenly one of the Trustee came in to temple, in a car.. and just saw the place took the aarthi and went away.
But before that I got to spk with him and he said that he has meet our Guruji and he has Guruji's personnel mobile number.
As Our Guru ji came here last time and shared the pics..
He was also worried about the poor state of the temple, and they are maintaining this temple as a family/heridatory .
He also requested that we publish more about this temple in our web site and since he is trying to build the Raja Gopuram and he requested some kind of help from every one..
He gave the bank details and the address to reach out to him and send any DD's for the temple..
He also said he called up our Guruji and our Guruji has promised to come there again after Navarathri and also Broad cast about this temple, again in Zee Kannada.
And also requested to invite more and more people to visit there..gave his visiting card and went away..

Then I too sat for some more time prayed and departed with heavy heart seeing the state of temple..
Guruji always says to help and contribute in renovation of Shiva temple.. but I dont know how many would come foward..
Well I did wht ever upto my reach.. Lets see if I am blessed more by my visit, I would be able to extend some help.

Now I went back and the auto guy was cribing soo much, as I reached there by 7ish and left by 10.30am.
So I paid him some extra money and left back to Virudha chalam and took bus for Velankanni church..
Reached the church by night.. had the Darshan, Flog Hoisting..started my 9 days of Novena to St.Mary( as we wear Saffor attire)..
Left the place by Sunday evening and came back to B'lore..
I remember last year on Sep 8th ( feastival) of St.Mary Guruji has broad casted about it..may be this year too he might do..

Well my mail was realy very big.. but I wanted to share every detail about it..

I shall mail you with more detail and proper details of the temple, you might update it in your blog for people..

take care Friend


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