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Following the Trail of Ramayana Sites in Sri Lanka 02

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Following the Trail of Ramayana Sites in Sri Lanka 02
Brahmanda Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji is speaking on following the trail of Ramayana sites in Sri Lanka.
In this post we will see below places, of Ramayana Sites in Sri Lanka:
Ashok Vatika
Seetha Amman temple, Seetha Eliya
Mani Kattu Ther Rock
Ishtripura / Konda Kattu Gala
Gayathri Peedam
Nilavari - Puttur
Dondra, Seenigama & Hikkaduwa

Ashok Vatika:
Ravana moved Sita from Sita Kotuwa to Ashok Vatika the salubrious garden in the mountains. The route too was said to be spectacularly beautiful, as Ravana wanted to show Sita the beauty of his kingdom.
The Chariot Path atop the mountain range is still visible. The Sita Tear Pond close to the Chariot Path is believed to have been formed by Sita Devi’s tears. Visitors could also see the famed Sita Flowers which are endemic to this area.
Ashok Vatika is a garden where Rāvana held Sita captive. This is in the area of Sita Eliya, close to the city of Nuwara Eliya. The Hakgala Gardens located at the base of the Hakgala Rock forms part of the famed Ashok Vatika. The Sita Pokuna is a barren area atop the Hakgala Rock Jungle where Sita was kept captive. Sita Devi is set to have bathed in a stream at Sita Eliya. The Sita Amman Temple is located at this spot.

Seetha Amman temple, Seetha Eliya:
The stream that runs from the hill, catered to the needs of Sitadevi during her stay at Ashok Vatika. She is said to have bathed in this stream. About a century ago of three idols were discovered in the stream, one of which was that of Sita. It is believed that the idols have been worshipped at this spot for centuries.

Now there is temple for Lord Rama, Sitadevi, Luxshmana, and Hanuman by the side of this stream. It is interesting to note that foot prints akin to Lord Hanuman's are found by this river and some are of small size and some are of large size, which tells us of the immense powers of hanuman transforming himself into any size.

Mani Kattu Ther Rock:
This is a rock in the Labookelle estate. Lord Hanuman met Sitadevi and on his way to announce this happy information to Lord Rama, rested on this hill top. The hilltop where Lord Hanuman is believed to have rested after meeting Sitadevi is known as Mani Kattuther. Today an open temple with statues of Lord Rama , Sitadevi, Lakshmana and Lord hanuman stands on top of it . Locals visit the temple often.

This is situated in the Southern Coast between Ambalantota and Tangalle.
According to Ramayana, after meeting Seetha Devi Lord Hanuman decided to test the strength of the mighty King Ravana and his army of Rakshasas. In the event that unfolded Lord Hanuman's tail was set on fire by the Rakshasas,who in turn went on to torch some parts of King Ravana's empire. Ussangoda is one of the torched areas, which is said to have been an airport used by King Ravana.

Ishtripura / Konda Kattu Gala:
This is situated in the Welimada Area
Ishtripura means an area of women in Sinhala. This was one of the places to which King Ravana shifted Seetha Devi as a precautionary measure, which he was forced to take by Lord Hanuman's advent.
Seetha Devi took a bath in the stream close by and had dried her hair sitting on a rock and put clips to her hair, hence this rock is known as Konda Kattu Gala.

It is a place where Sitadevi stayed during her transit. This area is also linked with tunnels and caves, which runs through to other parts of King Ravana's kingdom. This is situated in the Kotmala area opposite to Ramboda rock. The main cave entrance was closed by an earth-slip in 1947. Locals believe this part of the complex was used as a prison by Ravana. The cave complex has not been fully explored.

Gayathri Peedam:
Gayatree Peedam Temple in Nuwara Eliya. Gayathri peedam is believed to be the place from where King Ravana's son Meghanath propitiated Lord Shiva with penance and pooja's and in turn was granted super natural powers by Lord Shiva. This is the first and the foremost temple built for Gayathri Amman in Sri Lanka, and the Shiva Lingam found in this temple was brought from the holy river Narmada.

Nilavari - Puttur:
Lord Rama shot an arrow to the ground to obtain water for his army upon arriving Lanka. To this well there is no end. The water from this well is not salty and used for drinking. It should be mentioned in the nearby area the water is very salty. This well and Kirimali pond are connected through underground. Locals use to visit this area.

Dondra, Seenigama & Hikkaduwa:
Dondra, Seenigama & Hikkaduwa are places in the South of Lanka where Sugriva (king of Vanaras) prepared for his onslaught on king Ravana’s forces from the Southern flank.
By the side of Colombo to Matara main road The southern most part of Sri Lanka is called Dondra and further up towards west is called Seenigama Hikkaduwa.

Watch all these places in this video below

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