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Friendly Relationships Between Planets

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Table on Friendly Relationships Between Planets
Brahmanda Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji gave us the information on which are friendly planets.

Sl no.Planet/Graha NameFriendly Graha/Planet Name
1.Sun (Surya)Chandra (Moon) ; Kuja (Mars) ; Guru (Jupiter)
2.Moon (Chandra)Surya (Sun) ; Budha (Mercury)
3.Mars (Kuja)Guru (Jupiter) ; Chandra (Moon) ; Surya (Sun)
4.Mercury (Budha)Surya (Sun) ; Sukra (Venus)
5.Gupiter (Guru)Surya (Sun) ; Chandra (Moon) ; Kuja (Mars)
6.Venus (Sukra)Budha (Mercury) ; Sani (Saturn)
7.Saturn (Sani)Sukra (Venus) ; Budha (Mercury)

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