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Sri Marula Siddeshwara Swamy Temple / Kuppuru Gadduge Mutt

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Sri Marula Siddeshwara Swamy Temple / Kuppuru Gadduge Mutt
The Kuppuru Gadduge Mutt is situated near Kuppur, a village in the Chikkanayakanahalli taluk of Tumkur. Amidst the flowing waters and the coconut grooves, behind the hills and river, shines this temple in a peaceful and pleasant surrounding/atmosphere.

This Mutt, the abode of nature, is the bright shining place of Sri Guru's Samadhi. The Great Guru who rests in this Samadhi is Sri Marula Siddeshwara Swamy! He is always here to accept the prayers and poojas of his devotees throughout the day, and to bless and make their wishes come true.

About 300 years ago, there lived a couple by name Basavalingaradhya and Smt. Sidhambe, who were whole and soul involved in the Lord's/Shiva's pooja, prayers, meditation and also in serving the Gurus and Jangamas in the Niduvalli Mutt. This religious couple, were followers of the Veerashaiva sect and were always involved in vrathas/poojas. They would serve elders, Gurus and the rest of the guests as they would serve the Lord himself. This peaceful couple, who were always serving and taking care of the Jangamas also had one worry/botheration - not about food, not about clothing… but, as to who would be the future doers/servers/successors of the Niduvalli Maha Mutt?

One day, when Basavalingaradhya had taken his cattle grazing outside the Shiva temple, Lord Shiva himself as a Guru/Yati, called him and said: "Child, I am feeling very hungry/starving, I love ragi ball and Arive soppu/greens curry, will you feed me"? Basavalingaradhya was the happiest. Bowing and thanking the Guru/Yati, he ran home saying he would bring his choice of prasaadam by the time the Guru had his bath and was done with his pooja. Both husband and wife Sidhambe, very happily, grandly, cleanly, cooked the prasaadam as told by the Lord. They took the entire cooked food to the Shiva temple and served the Lord (in the form of aYati), his favorite Arive soppu curry and ragi ball. (Whole heartedly) satisfied, the Jangama offered/gave the rest of the prasaadam to the couple who were sitting very politely in front of him. The couple felt very thankful and happy in accepting the remaining prasaadam. The Jangama said: "Children, don't worry that you don't have children, you will bear a part of the Lord (chinmayaamsha) for a child. Name the child Marula Sidda, he will be the successor of this Mutt. In the future, he will be the light for the entire universe; he will drive away the sorrows of one and all, and will help in bringing about success and happiness to the people in need. He will be famous and well known as Mahatma Marula Sidda! Don't worry, be calm", saying this, the Jangama disappeared/vanished.

Bearing Lord Shiva's (chitkale) in her womb, the pious/lucky lady Sidhambe, always involved herself in Lord Shiva's bhajans, meditation, and did all good deeds that were possible. She served the Jangamas without fail.

Mother Sidhambe gave birth to a baby boy after completion of nine months, and they named this child Marula Sidha. Baby Marula Sidha didn't have any knowledge or consideration about the outside world as he grew up like the bright moon(beladingala chandra), always deep in Lord Shiva's pooja and meditation.

Due to his previous good deed/sanskars/culture and by the blessing/grace of Shiva yogis and because he had started feeling the Shiva tatva, Marula Sidha Swamy accepted the authority of the Naduvalli Mutt at the age of 16 years itself. And from here on, he walked to Kashi, Himalaya, Gokarna, Kalyana, Ulavi, Sri Shaila, etc., and here he spent some time in meditation and dhyaan.

At the same time, he showed many miracles. A mother was crying miserably carrying here snake bitten dead child, and Sri Guru applied a little ash/bhasma on the child and the child started jumping and dancing!

River Vedavati made way for Sri Guru to carry on with his journey!

From there, Sri Guru went to Sri Sidheshwara's abode at Hirekallu Betta, to get back to his meditation.

At that point of time, there was drought/famine in the country and as per Sri Guru's wish, abhishekas and utsavas were carried out for Bettada Sidheshwara, by whose grace there were rains and growth of crops, and by this people were very happy. During this famine period, when Sri Guru visited Shashivala, there wasn't water to even wash legs (to do paada pooja), and so Sri Guru Marula Sidha showed his devotee Malanna a place and asked him to dig a well there. Even to this day, we can find Sri Marula Sidha Swamy's well at Shisuvaala, which doesn't go dry for a single day, and is always filled with clean water. An officer named Hyder Khan of Chikkanayakanahalli asked Sri Guru to bless him with a son, and Sri Guru gave him a pomogranate (daalimbe) to be given to his wife, and after having done so, his wife got pregnant and gave birth to a child.

He, Guru, healed many (Kushta rogis) by just touching them with his gracious/pious hands.

This way, devotees at Huliyaaru, Kenkere, etc., were graced by Sri Guru. From there on, he went to Mallikarjuna Betta and did his meditation for a while and as he was in the Shivayoga Samadhi, his devotees prayed to him and hence he came down to Settikere which was also drought/famine hit at that time, and there, he offered abhishekas and archanas to the Panchalingas which were in the middle of the village river/kere, and thus the village and the villagers got rid of the drought. Sri Guru blessed the people in the village and returned to Mallikarjuna Betta.

Later on, he felt that the place behind Kuppuru river was most pleasant for his meditation/tapassu, and so he got an underground/nelamaalige dug by his devotees at the school/poorna shale, and he permanently settled down there for his meditations/ yoga samaadhi yalli, shiva yoga.

Even after entering the Samadhi, Sri Guru showed his presence to Hyder Khan in the form/way of lifting a tumbe flower.

This way, Marula Sidheshwara Swamy blesses his devotees as he moves about/sancharisuvaaga, and also relieves them of their pains and sorrows and shows them the right path, thus overall helping mankind and the society!


This mutt is situated in a small village called Kuppuru, which belongs to Chikkanayakanahally Taluk in Tumkur District. This place is full of coconut trees and a pond that flows with full of gushing round where the Shri Guru's Samadhi is located. This Samadhi itself is the Mahaguru Sri Marulasiddeswara Swami's Samadhi. Here the disciples come taken this darshan and blessings and Offer their prayers.

Address & Contact Details

Sri Sri Yateeshvara Shivaachaarya Mahaaswaamigalu
Sukshetra Kuppuru Gaddide Samsthana Mutt,
Kuppuru, Chikkanayakanahally Taluk,
Tumkur District, PIN - 572 226

Tel: +91 08133 - 269533 / 08133 329 363 / 9379132155

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  1. om namha maralu siddesha swamyee namho namaha devere maneeli ennu thondere ellidhange kappadu ammanige kalu channagi madu balakrishna addha nannage olle manusha hangge maddu .om namho maralu siddesha swamyee namho namaha.