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Astha Siddhi

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Astha Siddhi
The Eight Siddhis are:

1. Anima - Reducing one’s body even to the size of an atom.

2. Mahima - Expanding one’s body to an infinitely large size.

3. Garima - Becoming infinitely heavy.

4. Laghima - Becoming almost weightless.

5. Praapti - Having unrestricted access to all places.

6. Prakaamyam - Realizing whatever one desires.

7. Ishitvam - Possessing absolute lordship.

8. Vashitvam - The power to subjugate all.

These are apparently super human powers beyond the reach of all of us.

1. “Anima” is the ability to become small, like Hanuman became small in Ashokvan.

2. “Mahima“ is the ability to be great like Krishna imparting Gita.

3. “Garima” is becoming heavy like Shiva pressing on Mount Kailash.

4. “Laghima “ is becoming light like Vishnu sitting on Garutman.

5. “Praapti” is gaining some thing like Prahlad gaining the presence of “Narasimha”.

6. “Prakaamyam“ is the ability to fulfil whatever one desires, like Vashista fulfilling needs from “Kamadhenu”.

7. “Ishitvam” is the ability to become Lord and leader like Shiva drinking the poison.

8. “Vashitvam” is the ability to influence everyone. Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teressa influenced whole nation and world.

All these can be attained by any one who strives, endeavours and does “Sadhana”.

1. One can become small by being Humble. Humility can make us small. Let people underestimate us. Surrender, Stand under and understand. Practice of humility gives the power of “Anima”.

2. One can become “Mahaan” the great, by helping others. Who ever serves others is Mahatma. Practice of helping others gives the power of “Mahima”.

3. One can become heavy by the weight of one’s contribution. Add value and become a heavy weight. Practice of continuous contributions can give the power of “Garima”.

4. One can become light by shedding excess luggage, excess weight, wasteful practices and by shedding wants and ego. Economy and Egolessness give the power of “Laghima”.

5. One can gain whatever one aspires by searching. Continuous search will lead to gain. Searching is Sadhana. Search and research for gaining the objective. Searching will lead to the power of “Praapti”.

6. One can fulfil all desires through will power. Our will power is our “Kama Dhenu”. If you will, you will. Will power can lead to the power of “Praakamyam”.

7. One can become lord and leader by taking responsibility. A responsible leader is an effective leader. Responsibility can give the power of “Ishitvam”.

8. One can influence all by love, care and concern. Caring can lead to the power of “Vashitvam”.

These are eight powers and they can be achieved through practice and persuasion. But keeping these powers as goals, one will not gain it.


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