Kempamma Devi & Aanjaneya (Hanuman) Temple - Bajagur, Tiptur
Bajagur (Kannada: ಬಜಗೂರು) is a picturesque village with excellent landscape and lush greenery in the southern part of Karnataka state in India.
This scenic village is situated at a distance of 14 km from Tiptur town in Tumkur district. Agriculture is mainly copra, paddy & ragi. Coconut plantations are abundant in Bajagur and is part of the famous Tiptur copra. This village has a beautiful lake which is also the main source of water for the agriculture. Channel of river Hemavathy runs through the lake. There are two main temples within the small village. The biggest one is the Kempamma Devi temple (Bellekeramma). There is also a well-known Aanjaneya (Hanuman) Temple.

Kempamma Devi & Aanjaneya (Hanuman) Temple - Bajagur, Tiptur
Sri Kempamma Devi is Preceding Diety for the town and surrounding 12 villages. The Temple is loacated at the center of the town and attracts crowds on fridays where people perform "Vehicle pooja". The Goddess has been worshiped from century's by local palegara's and residents. Annual car festival will be held in Chatira masa according to the Hindu Calender generally in Mid or end April which attracts huge crowd from town and surrounding villages. Goddess Kempamma is also known as Tipturamma and very famous in bestowing and caretaking the worshippers.

Kempamma Devi & Aanjaneya (Hanuman) Temple - Bajagur, Tiptur
Brahmanda Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji has asked devotees to take part in Car Festival which is held in April first week of 2012. Guruji will visit this Temple on April 4th or 5th.

Nearest railway station is located in Tiptur and is about 140 km from Bangalore.


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