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Deities Dwelling In The Body Of Holy Cow, Kamadhenu - Gaumata

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Deities Dwelling In The Body Of Holy Cow, Kamadhenu - Gaumata
In Hindu mythology, Kamadhenu was a divine cow who was believed to be the mother of all cows. Like her daughter Nandini, she could grant any wish for the true seeker. Kamadhenu provided Vasishta with his needs for the sacrifices. Kamadhenu (kama-dhenu, 'wish-cow'), was a miraculous cow of plenty who could give her owner whatever he desired.
The cow stands for prosperity—as does Laksmi, the wife of Vishnu. Kamadhenu is especially associated with brahmans and their “wealth,” because she is the producer of the milk and the clarified butter, the offerings traditionally placed on the sacrificial fire.

The various parts of the body of the cow in which the deities, the revered sages, the various elements, are believed to dwell are given as follows:

1) Two Horns of the Cow - The Creator 'Brahma'
2) The Head of the Cow - The Deity 'Indra'
3) Forehead of the Cow - The Deity 'Agni
4) Collar of the Cow - The Deity 'Yama'
5) Brain of the Cow - The Deity 'Moon'
6) Upper Jaw of the Cow - The Highest world Dyuloka
7) Lower Jaw of the Cow - The Earth
8 The Tongue - The Lightening
9) The Teeth - The Deity 'Marut'
10) The Throat - The 'Revatee' Constellation
11) The Shoulder - The 'Kritka' Constellation
12) Bones of the Shoulder - The Summer Season
13) All the Organs of the Cow - The Deity 'Vaayu'
14) The Heaven - The World to which cow, belongs
15) The BackBone - The Deity 'Rudra'
16) In the Chest - The Eagle
17) Is the Power & Strength Of the Cow - The Space
18) Hunch of the Cow - The Sage Vrihashpati
19) In the bones of the Chest - The Stanza by the name of Vrihatee
20) The Back - Angels & Fairies
21) Bones of the Ribs - The Hostesses of the Angels & Fairies.
22) The Shoulders - The Deity 'Varuna' and Friend
23) The Forelegs - The Sage 'Tvashta & the sage 'Aryama'
24) The Hindlegs - The Destroyer 'Lord Mahadeva'
25) The Backside of the Cow - The wife of the Deity 'Indra'
26) The Tail - The Deity 'Vaayu'
27) The Hairs of the Body - The Sage 'Pawamana'
28) The Buttock - The Caste 'Brahmin' & The caste 'Kshatriya'
29) Lies in the Thighs - The Strength of the Cow.
30) Bones of the Knees - The Deity Sun and the Creator
31) The Calf of the Cow - The Celestial Beings 'Gandharva'
32) In the Smaller Bones - The Celestial Beings 'Apsara'
33) Hooves of the Cow - The Mother of the Sun, God, 'Aditi'
34) In the Heart - The Mind
35) In the Liver of the Cow - The Intelligence
36) The Nerve By the Name Of 'Puritat' - The Religious Vow 'Vrata'
37) The Belly - The Hunger
38) In the Intestines - Goddess Sarswati
39) In the internal part of the intestines - The Mountains
40) In the Ovum - The sorrow (Manyu)
41) In the sense Organs - The Subjects & the People (Praja)
42) In the Ovary - The River
43) In the Breasts - The Deity 'Varuna'
44) In the cells of the Breasts which produce milk - The Thundering clouds
45) In the Skin - The 'All-Pervasive power'
46) In the hairs of the Body,Of the cow - The Various Medicines
47) The Anus - The heavenly & Celestial Beings 'Devagana'
48) In the Intestine - The Man
49) In the Stomach - The Celestial being 'Yaksha'
50) In the Kidney - The Anger
51) In the Blood - The Demon 'Rakshasha'
52) The Appearance of The Cow - The Constellation are
53) In the Stomach - The Other living beings
54) Is the Grossness - The sky
55) In the Bone-Marrow - The Death
56) Is Like Fire - The Posture while sitting
57) Is the Deity 'Ashwinee Kumar' - The posture while getting up
58) The Deity 'Indra' - The Posture while standing and facing East
59) The Lord of Death 'Yamaraja' - The Posture while standing and facing South
60) The Creator 'Brahma' - The Posture while standing and facing west
61) The Sun God - The Posture while standing & facing North
62) The Deity Moon - The Cow while Grazing
63) The Friend - The Cow while looking
64) Pure Joy - The Posture of the Cow while turning it back

Holy Cow, the abode of all the Gods :

Every atom in cow’s body is abode of the 33 crore Gods. All the 14 mythical worlds exist in the limbs of cow.

Deities Dwelling In The Body Of Holy Cow, Kamadhenu - Gaumata

  • Brahma and Vishnu on the root of two horns
  • All the sacred reservoirs and Vedavyasa on the tips of the horns
  • Lord Shankara on the centre head
  • Parvathi on the edge of head
  • Kartikeya on the nose, Kambala and Ashwatara Devas on the nostrils
  • Ashwini Kumaras on the ears
  • Sun and Moon in the eyes
  • Vayu in dental range and Varuna on the tongue
  • Saraswathi in the sound of cow
  • Sandhya goddesses on the lips and Indra on the neck
  • Raksha Ganas on the hanging under the neck
  • Sadhya Devas in the heart
  • Dharma on the thigh
  • Gandharvas in the gap of hoofs, Pannaga at the tips, Apsaras on the sides
  • Eleven Rudras and Yama on the back, Ashtavasus in the crevices
  • Pitru Devas on the ides of umbilical joint, 12 Adityas on the stomach area
  • Soma on the tail, Sun rays on the hair, Ganga in its urine, Lakshmi and Yamuna in the dung, Saraswathi in milk, Narmada in curd, and Agni in ghee
  • 33 crore Gods in the hair
  • Prithwi in stomach, oceans in the udder, Kamadhenu in the whole body
  • Three Gunas in the root of the brows, Rishis in the pores of hair, and all the sacred lakes in the breathe.
  • Chandika on the lips and Prajapathi Brahma on the skin
  • Fragrant flowers on nostrils
  • Sadhya Devas on the arm-pit
  • Six parts of Vedas on the face, four Vedas on the feet, Yama on the top of the hoofs, Kubera and Garuda on the right, Yakshas on the left and Gandharvas inside
  • Khecharas in the fore of the foot, Narayana in intestine, mountains in the bones, Artha, Dharma, Kama and Moksha in the feet.
  • Four Vedas in the Hoom… sound


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