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Helpful Tips on Sanatana Dharma / Hindu Principles - 100

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Helpful Tips on Sanatana Dharma / Hindu Principles - 100
This section Helpful Tips is all about Frequently Arising Questions. Shri Shri Anand Guruji, shares the knowledge on general topics and Hindu Sanathana Dharma in his Pranavam Television Programme telecasted in ETV Kannada Channel, which i have put in this section. Guruji also shares information of knowledge on Vasthu Shastra and lot of Helpful stuffs. Many People have lot of doubts on Hindu Sanathana Dharma, which is also covered in this section.
Please do ask a priest or elders, if you have any doubts in below, who knows very well about our customs and practices and clarify the same.

  • Remedy for Shani Dasha or Shani Dosha (Sade Sathi):

    Helpful Tips on Sanatana Dharma / Hindu Principles - 100Lord Shani resides in Beach almond Tree. Prepare Sweet Sesame Seed Balls (Ellu Urundai in Tamil ; Ellu Unde in Kannada) by taking a dry kadai and roast the sesame seeds until you get the aroma of the sesame. They will also start to crackle. Take care not to burn these. Mix jaggery and ghee to it. See to that the sesame seeds are cleaned well i.e no stones in it, before preparing Sweet Sesame Seed Balls. Prepare 21 or 48 Sesame Seed balls. Take a metal pot (Chombu) of water (to clean the tree) and these sesame balls near the tree and Light the lamp in Kempu Hanathe deepa (Earthen lamp made out of Red Soil i.e Kempu mannu in Kannada & Semman in Tamil) with gingelly (seasam seed) oil. Offer your prayers to Lord Shani to get rid of Shani Dosha, unknown health issues, break in relationships, to get santhana phala etc.. Perform this puja with empty stomach.
  • Beach almond Tree (Terminalia bellirica) in different Languages:

    Helpful Tips on Sanatana Dharma / Hindu Principles - 100Common Name: Baheda, Belliric Myrobalan, Bastard myrobalan, Beach almond, Bedda nut tree.
    Hindi: bahera, bahuvirya, bhutvaas, kalk, karshphal.
    Manipuri: bahera.
    Marathi: behada, bibhītaka, kalidruma, vehala.
    Tamil: tanri.
    Malayalam: thaanni.
    Telugu: bhutavasamu, karshaphalamu, tadi, tandrachettu, vibhitakamu.
    Kannada: taarekaayi.
    Bengali: baheda.
    Oriya: bahada.
    Konkani: goting.
    Urdu: Bahera.
    Assamese: bauri.
    Gujarati: baheda.
    Sanskrit: akshah, bahuvirya, bibhitakah, karshah, vibhitakah.
    Nepali: barro.
    Botanical name: Terminalia bellirica
    Family: Combretaceae (Rangoon creeper family)
    Synonyms: Myrobalanus bellirica
  • Which one is correct Shanishwara or Shanishchara:

    Shanishchara is correct, we should not spell it as Shanishwara. During Shani Dosha reciting below mantra for 48 times everyday will give good benefits and you will get rid of any kind of dosha.

    You can also chant this mantra through out the day, whenever you find time.


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