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Collection Of Stotras Of All Navagrahas Devotional Album

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Collection Of Stotras Of All Navagrahas Devotional Album
This collection is depository of all stotras of all Navagrahams, all in one place. There are 77 stotrams. No music and no style. Just slow and plain chanting.
This album Collection Of Stotras Of All Navagrahas Devotional Album consists of following tracks:

01. Aditya Hrudayam
02. Navagraha Stotram
03. Navagraha Gaayathri
04. Navagraha Stotram-Vyaadhiraajar
05. Navagraha Mangalaashtakam
06. Ekasloki Navagraha Stotram
07. Peedaahara Navagraha Stotram
08. Soorya Stuti
09. Soorya Ashtotara Satanaama Stotram
10. Soorya Kavacham
11. Soorya Sahasranaama Stotram
12. Aadhitya Mahimaa Stotram
13. Soorya Pranaamaanjali
14. Soorya Stotram-Agastiyar
15. Soorya Ashtotara Sata Naamaavali
16. Soorya Sahasra Naamaavali
17. Soorya Kavacham
18. Aadhitya Stotram - Bavishya Puraanam
19. Soorya Gadyam
20. Soorya Pratasmaranam
21. Sooryaaryaa Stotram
22. Soorya Mandala Stotram
23. Soorya Stavaraaja Stotram
24. Sivokta Sooryaashtakam
25. Soorya Stotram-Yaagnavalkyar
26. Soorya Trikaala Dyaanam
27. Soorya Ashtotara Satanaama Stotram
28. Soorya Satakam
29. Chandra Stuti
30. Chandra Ashtotara Satanaama Stotram
31. Chandra Kavacham
32. Chandra Stotram
33. Somashtotara Sata Naamaavali
34. Chandrashtaavimsati Naama Stotram
35. Angaaraka Stuti
36. Angaaraka Ashtotara Satanaama Stotram
37. Angaaraka Kavacham
38. Runamochana Angaaraka Stotram
39. Angaaraka Ashtotara Satanaamaavali
40. Angaaraka Stotram
41. Buda Stuti
42. Buda Ashtotara Satanaama Stotram
43. Buda Kavacham
44. Budha Stotram
45. Budha Ashtotara Satanaamaavali
46. Budha Panchavimsati
47. Bruhaspati Stuti
48. Bruhaspati Ashtotara Sata Naama Stotram
49. Bruhaspati Kavacham
50. Bruhaspati Stotram
51. Gurvashtotara Satanaamaavali
52. Bruhaspati Stotram-Skaandha Puraanam
53. Sukra Stuti
54. Sukra Ashtotara Satanaama Stotram
55. Sukra Kavacham
56. Sukra Stotram
57. Sukra Ashtotara Satanaamaavali
58. Sukra Stotram-Skaandapuraanam
59. Sanaischara Stuti
60. Sanaischara Ashtotara Sata Naama Stotram
61. Sanaischara Kavacham
62. Sanaichara Stotram
63. Sanaichara Ashtotara Satanaamaavali
64. Sanaichara Stotram-Dasarathar
65. Sanaichara Stavaraaja
66. Raahu Stuti
67. Raahu Ashtotara Satanaama Stotram
68. Raahu Kavacham
69. Raahu Stotram-Skaanda Puraanam
70. Raahu Ashtotara Satanaamaavali
71. Raahu Stotram
72. Ketu Stuti
73. Ketu Ashtotara Satanaama Stotram
74. Ketu Kavacham
75. Ketu Stotram
76. Ketu Ashtotara Satanaamaavali
77. Ketu Pancha Vimsati Naama Stotram

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