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Helpful Tips - For Obstructions In Purchasing House Or Land (136)

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Helpful Tips - For Obstructions In Acquiring House Or Land (136)
This section Helpful Tips is all about Frequently Arising Questions. Sri Narendra Babu Sharma widely known as Brahmanda Guruji, share the knowledge on general topics and Hindu Sanathana Dharma in his Television Programme - Lakshmi Kataksha, telecasted in Kasthuri Kannada Channel, which i have put in this section. Guruji also share information of knowledge on Vasthu Shastra and lot of Helpful stuffs. Many People have lot of doubts on Hindu Sanathana Dharma, which is also covered in this section.
Please do ask a priest or elders, if you have any doubts in below, who knows very well about our customs and practices and clarify the same.

  • Remedy For Obstructions Or Difficulties In Acquiring House, Apartment, Plot/Land:

    A caller has asked Brahmanda Guruji, Shri Narendra Babhu Sharmaji that even after lot of hard work and struggle, he is not able to purchase a house or any kind of land. Guruji suggested him to visit Sri Bhoo Devi Sametha Pralaya Varaha Swamy Temple, Kalhalli. The temple is also known as Bhoo Varaha Swamy Temple or Kallahalli Varahanatha Temple.

    Remedy For Obstructions Or Difficulties In Acquiring House, Apartment, Plot/Land
    One has to buy a brick and offer to Lord Bhu Varahaswamy, after pooja procedures get back the brick to home and keep it in pooja room and offer your prayers everyday.

    Recite or Listen Varaha Sahasranama & Varaha Kavacham on Wednesday’s and Saturday's.

    The dream of constructing a house or purchasing a land will get true in short span.

    The brick which is in pooja room can be used while constructing your dream home.

    Initially, devotees were buying 2 bricks which are sold around the temple, 1 brick for temple construction and another for the devotee to keep it for his/her own house construction. And this opportunity of buying two bricks may be available only till the construction is going on. I am not sure please check with the temple.

    On your visit, if buying 2 bricks is allowed then offer one to temple and get back the other one.

    Remedy For Obstructions Or Difficulties In Acquiring House, Apartment, Plot/Land
    This is a great opportunity for all who wish to take blessings of Lakshmi Vishnu Roopa BhooVaraha Swamy, and we all know the powerful BhooVaraha Swamy lets no one go empty handed.

    Sri Varahanatha Temple that was in a dilapidated condition has been rebuilt at a cost of nearly rupees one crore through the munificence of devotees and its ‘Kumbhabisheka’ took place on 27-06-2013.

    The idol of Sri Varahanatha incredibly sculpted out of monolithic Saligrama Shile has His consort Bhoodevi (Goddess of the Earth), also called ‘Lakshmi’, seated on his left lap. One of the special features of the awe-strikingly 12.30 feet high idol is its sitting pose, to be the tallest of its kind.

    Remedy For Obstructions Or Difficulties In Acquiring House, Apartment, Plot/Land
    In close vicinity is the scenic confluence of the bountiful and sacred river Cauvery with its tributaries Hemavathy with west-ward flow and Lakshmanatheertha. The Nakshatra of Bhoo Varahaswamy is Revathi Nakshatra.

    The temple dates back to the period of Ganga Rulers of Talkad in Mysore District. The periphery of the temple was under Hoysala, Vijayanagara and Wodeyar dominion. Even the inscription on a stone-slab lying outside the temple which is dated 1334 AD has not traced its history or age but only mentions that at that time it was thousands of years old. Countless periods of time must have passed since the consecration of the Idol of Sri Varahanatha.

    Remedy For Obstructions Or Difficulties In Acquiring House, Apartment, Plot/Land
    The idol, a rare colossal sculptural wonder, has richly and intricately carved drapery that covers the four-armed seated Varaha with human body and head of a boar. The Lord holds a lotus in his lower right hand held in the beneficing (Abhaya) pose, a disc (Chakra) in the upper right arm and conch (Shanka) in his upper left arm and the two-armed seated Earth-Goddess sports a flower in her left hand while her right arm skirts around the waist of the Lord as an act of embrace. While the Lord wears the lavishly ornate headgear (Kireeta Mukuta) the Goddess wears three-tiered Karanda Mukuta. The massive muscular body which displays a high degree of grace and excellence in modeling and expression of Varaha personifies the invincible energy and strength of the Lord who took His form to rescue the earth from the depths of oceans. On the other hand, the sculpture of Devi compares well with the classical Chola bronzes and can pertinently be considered as meeting the ideal of feminine beauty coinciding with the description in our classical Sanskrit Literature.

    From the point of view of cultural art this can be deemed as superb sculpture and unique in its kind not only as a colossal monolith but also because of its near perfect proportions and exquisite grace which characterize the Lord and the Devi.

    Remedy For Obstructions Or Difficulties In Acquiring House, Apartment, Plot/Land
    The history of this area begins with the Ganga rulers of Talakad. Subsequently it became part of Hoysala, Vijayanagara and Wodeyar dominions. Only one epigraph has been noticed from this village. It is engraved on a stone slab lying outside the temple (ECr 6, Krishnarajapet, 108). It is dated in Saka 1257 (Bhava Asvayuja sukla 7, Wednesday) corresponding to 1334 A.D. and belongs to the reign of Hoysala Vira Ballala III (1293-1343 A.D.). It registers the gift of the village Kalahalli, which was converted into an agrahara and renamed as Devalapura after the queen Devaladevi, by mahapradhana Adisingeya Dannayaka. The gift was made to Rajaguru Gummata Deva who appears to have made it over to the mahajanas of the village. Another inscription, makes an incidental reference to varahana Kallahalli. It is found engraved in the Sri Narayana Swami temple at Melkote, belongs to the reign of Sadasiva Maharaja, the Vijayanagara ruler and is dated in Saka 1466 corresponding to 1547 A.D. and records the gift of 1200 varahas being the reduced amount of taxes from varahana Kallahalli sthala and Ballalapura sthala for services in the Cehluvanarayana Temple at Melkote (ECr 6, Pandavapura, 129). It is interesting to note in this context that the name of the village Varahana Kallahalli has remained unchagned from the 14th centtury A.D. onwards and obviously, the prefix Varahana refers to the varaha temple of the village, already well known by that time.

    How to Reach the Temple: A clean good route without any humps through National Highway is given below. Distance is slightly more, but elder people can enjoy the peaceful journey.

    From Bangalore take Tumkur road, turn left at Nelamangala (Left hand side It is known as Hassan / Mangalore Road) Pass through Kunigal, then Belur Cross, at Belur Cross take a left turn travel to Nagamangala (If you wish you can have the darshan of Nagamangala Sri Sowmiya Keshavan Perumal) then from there travel to K R Pet, from there to Hosa Holalu (there is a wonderful Temple dedicated to Lord Lakshmi Narayana) then to Ganjigere then finally you will reach KALAHALLI. The total distance by this road it 165 Kms.

    Alternate route with lots of road HUMPS etc.

    From Bangalore take Mysore road, then Pass Channapatna (you can visit Doddamallur Lord Aprameya / Lord Ambegal Krishna Temple) then Pass Maddur (You can see Lord Ugra Narasimha temple and Lord Varadharaja Tempe (Separate temple), Then look for Pandavapura road board in the right side, reach Pandavapura, from there travel to Chinakurli, from there to Bhookenekere, from there to Ganjigere and then finally KALAHALLI. Distance Approximately 130 Kms but this route has lot of Humps even though it is State Highway of Bangalore - Mysore).

    Wishing you all a safe and memorable visit to Shree Lakshmi Bhoo Varah Swamy temple.

    Contact Details: Sri Srinivasa Raghavan : Mobile +91 94480 11535.
    Sri Nagesh Rao ( He is localite ) : Mobile :+91 94490 09711.
    Prakala Mutt, Mysore : 0821- 2422536.

    Hope All your problems/obstructions related to building house or buying an Apartment will be solved.


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