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Kama, Krodha, Sri Vaikuntanathan Temple, Buxar - Sri Ramanin Padhayil

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Kama, Krodha, Sri Vaikuntanathan Temple, Buxar - Sri Ramanin Padhayil
For total integration, we need to know how to use the power of emotion and how to prevent the mind from being disturbed by our emotions. We all are always invaded with Kamam (lust or desire) and Krodham (Anger), do we like this?. Kamam is declared as one of the biggest enemies of human being. Every true human will try to win or have control over it. But how do we achieve it?. Can we control the desire on something. Can we control the anger instantly when it arises naturally due to some reason. One can get rid of anger by chanting Rama Namam for 108 times.

It also means that after introspection and proper understanding of the various aspects of your internal states, you can all find solutions in life. Learn to think, not to brood or to worry. Have clarity of mind. Don’t become a worrier, become a warrior. All problems can be solved because all these problems are self-created. As you are responsible for creating your problems, you have the power to be freed from these very same problems.

Now, virtually all our actions are controlled by our thoughts. And all our thoughts are controlled by our emotions. You may be a cultured and highly educated person in society, but suddenly a single emotion upsets you and you start doing things that should not be done. One emotion can disturb your whole being. You spend so much time and energy in culturing, in cultivating, in educating yourself. Yet, one single emotion can disturb you and make you a monster.

Therefore, let us find out why emotions disturb our entire being. Let me explain. There are six main emotional streams arising from the four primitive fountains of food, sleep, sex, and self-preservation. The first, the primary emotion is desire, also called kama. Kama is the prime desire from which arise all other desires. If this desire is fulfilled, you become proud and this is a serious problem. If it is not fulfilled, then you get angry (krodha). What is anger? Unfulfilled desire is called anger. The desire is not fulfilled, that’s why you are angry. Your husband wanted you to do things in a certain way and you have not done it. He’s angry. Or you are angry with him because he did not come home on time. Unfulfilled desire means anger. “Why are you angry honey?” he asks. You tell him, “I told you to bring something for the children and you forgot to bring it. You started drinking with your friends and you forgot. I told you not to drink and you are drunk, that’s why I’m angry.” Anger means unfulfilled desire. If kama, desire, is not fulfilled you get angry. If it is fulfilled, you become proud (mada). And then you get intoxicated (moha).

According to the verse...

abhyasena tu kaunteya vairagyena ca grhyate

Meaning: Lord Sri Krishna said: O mighty-armed son of Kunti, it is undoubtedly very difficult to curb the restless mind, but it is possible by suitable practice and by detachment.

Hence, Kama and Krodha can be controlled by regularly chanting and meditating on Lord Rama. With the blessings of Lord Rama, let us bring Kamam and Krodham in control and win over it. Kamam is needed. Under the four Purusharthas (aims of human life in Hinduism) - 'Aram' (virtue of charity) ; 'Porul' (wealth) ; 'Inbam' (pleasure) ; 'Veedu' (spiritual emancipation) and under Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha, Kama purushartha is of great significance or value.

According to the verse in Ramanusa Nutrandhadi...

semanal veedum porulum tharumamum cheeriyanar
kaamamum enrivai naan genpar; naan ginum kannanukke
aamathu kaamam aramporul veetuthar kenruraiththaan
vaamanan cheelan iraamaa nuchanintha manmichaiye.

Meaning: Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya- whose qualities are only equal to the Lord Vamanan, preached the world with great truthful, unambiguous, unparalleled vedic philosophy without their even asking for it. He is so merciful. Moksham, Dharmam, artham, and kamam, are the four goals of life; so they say. But Yathiraajaa, a celibate like Vaamanan, says Kamam (Desire) for union with Kannan is the only worthy goal; The other three are just to support this divine passion. Dharmam removes the sins that stand as a hurdle for this kamam. Artham is used for giving alms and thus aids for going towards the goal. Moksham also aggravates
the longing (Kamam) for Kannan. Thus, Kaamam (for Kannan) is the Best.

In Siriya Thirumadal the Alwar says:

ippparor solappatta munranre ammunrum Arayildhane aram porul inbam enru
arar ivarrin idai adhanai eidhuvar sirar irukalaiyum eidhuvar

Meaning: There are 3 purusharthams for the people of this earth - dharmam, artham (poruL, wealth) and kamam. Of the three, those who have obtained Kamam would have obtained dharmam and artham.

In the footsteps of Lord Rama, We are leaving Kama Ashram and started our journey towards next destination Buxar. Volunteers were of great help in this whole yatra. In Buxar we are going to see Sri Vaikuntanathan Temple, Tadaka vanam and Siddhashrama.

Sri Vaikuntanathan Temple:

Having the pontific title of Jagadguru Gaadi Swami, his name was Sri Anantha chariyar, and he was the head of the Kanchi Prativadi Bhayankara Mutt. This great scholar Sriman Gadi P. B. Ananthacharya Swamy traveled all the way from Kanchipuram to northern parts of India. During his journey He built many temples and offered various religious speeches. This is one of the temple built by Him.

Sri Vaikuntanathan Temple
Sri Vaikuntanathan Temple
The Bhajan performed by the local people in the temple was very nice and it was delightful to watch.

Sri Vaikuntanathan Temple
Sri Vaikuntanathan Temple
Sri Vaikuntanathan Temple


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