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Jatayu Moksha Dhaam, Taket - Sri Ramanin Padhayil

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Saranagathi is a simple yet powerful mantra for life. Believing, living and doing everything, as an instrument of the Lord Shriman Narayana, is saranagathi. When we put everything at His lotus feet and pray for grace, guidance and protection, it is saranagathi. It is the simplest path to self-realization and God awakening. Our revered Sri Sathguru says, "You do your duty to perfection and then leave everything to Him. After that you should not worry. You should leave it to Him. And you find, He helps you and-He helps you so much that you yourself will be shocked. But unless you put yourself forward and appeal to Him, nothing can happen. You can’t expect God to be your servant."

In the Ramayana there are clearly classes of 'prapanna-s' who obtained "moksha" from the Lord.
Those who "asked" for it and being supremely eligible, attained it from the Lord e.g. Visbheeshana, Kakasuran. Here "moksha" was granted against "saranagathi". Vibishanan did saranagathi at Thirupullani Sethu karai in Southern Tamil Nadu. He abandoned everything and seeked refuge under Rama. Rama gladly accepted him, though he was from the opposite army.

Those who never "asked" for it and yet the Lord thought it fit to grant it to them SUO MOTO.
Here the most dramatic example is that of the Great Bird Jatayu which was in its death-throes when Rama chanced upon its wounded remains and learnt of the deadly battle it gave to Ravana in preventing him from abducting Sita. Now it is obvious that Jatayu gave battle to Ravana, hundred-percent unselfishlessly, without the least thought of "moksha" or with any intention of making itself eminently worthy of "moksha". Even in its dying moments the Great Bird did not "ask" the Lord for "moksha" (although it would have been perfectly natural to do so) and used all its dying energies and faculties only to express to the Lord its utter remorse and frustration in being unable to save the Lord's Consort. We know the Lord wept uncontrollably in great anguish for the Bird that had given its very life to prevent an act of "a-dharma" being committed in its presence.Which is why, we know, the Lord performed funereal rites for Jatayu, a singular honour which He did not bestow even on His own father, Dasaratha !!

Poets here point out that in this case the Lord granted "moksha" without being "asked" not because Jatayu had given its life trying to save His Spouse but because the Great Bird had died a martyr for "DHARMA". When an act of "a-dharma" was being committed the bird, in spite of being old, infirm and simply no match for the superior might of its adversary, Ravana, had yet not just sat around and watched helplessly the crime take place; nor did it simply fly away in the modern attitude of "none of my business!" or "why bother? It's Rama's problem!". The Bird instead had unhesitatingly gone to war to protect what was its "VISHESHA-DHARMA"! Since we know that "dharma" is dear to the Lord (vide the Gita), it is hence no wonder that He gave Jatayu "mokshA" even without being "asked" for it. Thus in this "moksha" is essentially given unasked because a 'prapanna' has died a martyr for "dharma".

Om Apadamapa Hataram Dataram Sarva Sampadam
Loka Bhi Ramam Sri Rama Bhuyo Bhuyo Namamyaham

This is a the most powerful healing mantra . The very rough translation is, 'Om, Oh most compassionate Rama please send your healing energy right here to the earth, to the earth (twice for emphasis.)'

Jatayu Moksha Dhaam - Taked:

This place is situated about 65 kms from Nasik on Igatpuri Road in Mumbai Highway. One needs to take a diversion from the highway and drive for about 20 kms to reach this place. In en route we reach a place known as Gothi.

Jatayu Moksha Dhaam, Taked
Jatayu Moksha Dhaam, Taked
Jatayu Moksha Dhaam, Taked
Jatayu Moksha Dhaam, Taked
Jatayu Moksha Dhaam, Taked
Jatayu Moksha Dhaam, Taked
Jatayu Moksha Dhaam, Taked
Jatayu Moksha Dhaam, Taked
Jatayu Moksha Dhaam, Taked
Jatayu Moksha Dhaam, Taked
Jatayu, the aged vulture king, was Dasaratha’s friend whom Sri Rama met on HIS way to Panchavati. Jatayu introduced himself adding that he would protect Sitadevi in their absence. Sri Rama treated this eagle like HIS own father. True to its words, when it saw Ravana carrying away Sita in an aerial car, the vulture fought valiantly with Ravana. Even Ravana who was a terror to everyone could not withstand its attack. Ravana had to get down from his chariot leaving his grip on Sitadevi and fight with the bird. He mercilessly cut the wings of Jatayu which fell on the ground dying. He chased Sita who was running away from him screaming for help and snatched her and proceeded on his flight dragging Sitadevi by her hair towards Lanka situated in south. The dying Jatayu was waiting for Sri Rama’s arrival. Sri Rama and Lakshmana could not recognize the wounded bird. Jatayu informed Sri Rama that Ravana abducted Sitadevi who was crying piteously and flew towards south. Out of gratitude, Sri Rama affectionately hugged Jatayu for his help who left his body on Sri Rama’s lap. Jatayu attained moksham by dying in the arms of Sri Rama. So, it was through Jatayu that Sri Rama learnt about Sitadevi’s whereabouts. Sri Rama performed last rites for Jatayu and performed 10 days rituals as per the sastras. Even Dasaratha did not have this bhaagyam. Sri Rama performed all the rites as laid in scriptures to Jatayu like a son. For performing the rites, water was required. Sri Rama aimed an arrow and all the sacred rivers appeared here. It is known as "Jatayu Kund" situated opposite to Jatayu’s sannidi. In Jatayu’s sannidhi, Sri Rama hugging Jatayu who was lying on HIS lap while Lakshmana looks upon can be seen. Opposite to Jatayu sannidhi, there is Jatayu Kund and a big tree nearby. While Ravana was fighting with Jatayu, he placed Sita under this tree. Nearby there is a shrine for Sita, Rama, Lakshmana.

Verse from Athimanusha Stavam:

akshunna yogapatham agrya hatam jataayum
tiryancam yeva bata moksha pathe niyoktum |
Saknoshi vetsi ca yadaa, sa tadaa katham tvam
deveem avaptum analam vyathita: vicinvan ||

Meaning: Oh Lord Raamachandra! You performed the athimanusha act of granting Moksham to the old eagle Jatayu; that Jatayu was not eligible for Moksham since:
1. He had no familiarity with Yoga maargam (unfamiliarity with Karma, Bhakthi or Jnana yogams that can help one as means for Moksham).
2. He was not born in the Jaathi fit for practising the means for Moksham. He was born as a bird.
3. He was killed by Ravanan, the son of a Brahmin; saasthrss state that one killed by a Brahmin cannot gain Moksham in that birth.
While all these odds against Jatayu gaining Moksham were there, You performed the athimanusha act of lifting Jatayu up to Moksham. You are Sarveswaran and You do not need any reason to do what you wish. No one can stop You. While You granted that impossible Moksham for Jatayu, You floundered in finding the path by which Sitaa Piratti was kidnapped. You were stricken with sorrow, You wailed over Her loss, You were in despair. Lakshmana Swamy had to counsel and console You. What was Your mind set here? adiyen does not understand that.

Verse from Tondaradippodi Azhwar's Tirumalai:

podellam podu kondu un ponnadi punaiya matten
teedila mozhihal kondu un tirugunam seppa matten
Adalal nenjam anbu kalandilen adu tannale
edilen arangarkku elle en seivan tonrinene

Meaning: Bagavan asks Azhwar who was crying ‘kadal vanna! kadal vanna!’ ‘Why do you cry Azhwar? You say you can’t do karmayoga, jnanayoga and Baktiyoga. Well! Can’t you do archana, stotra etc.?’ Azhwar again says ‘Oh! Not at all! Ranganatha! I never have gathered variety of flowers I come across to offer them to Your Tiruvadi; I never utter even a few words of praise; nor have I had any loving thoughts about You. Thus with all my karanas (mind, speech and deed) I am a poor person. Oh! My janma is a waste! Waste!! Waste!!!’

Next in our upcoming articles, let us have the darshan of place known as Kishkindha.


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