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Sri Rama Anuyatra By Sri U. Ve. Velukkudi Krishnan Swami (Recap) - Sri Ramanin Padhayil

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The 33rd episode of Sri Ramanin Padhayil was a recap of all the places we have seen from Bittoor till Srirangam.

Sri Rama anuyatra, a pilgrimage following the trail of Sri Rama, was organised by Velukkudi Krishnan of Kinchitkaram Trust. The yatra fructified with Sri Rama Pattabhishekam at Srirangam temple with over 1000 bhaktas attending.

Sri Rama being an Emperor, imposed exile through the boon of Kaikeyi, and chose to travel the length and breadth of Bharata Desa. He undertook two journeys, one for the sake of Vishwamitra yaga samrakshana and His marriage and the other to fulfill the words of His father. A deeper study would reveal that the objectives of the second yatra, such as dushkrita vinasa (rakshasa vadha) would have been possible by easier means considering the power of Sri Rama. However, Rama chose to travel experiencing agony as per the saying rajyat bhramsa: vane vasa: sita nashta hato dvija: (denied of kingdom, forced to forest, lost Sita, Jatayu a great friend got killed etc).

Sri Rama Anuyatra By Sri U. Ve. Velukkudi Krishnan Swami (Recap) - Sri Ramanin Padhayil
Inspite of all these, Rama wanted to set His lotus feet on the entire stretch of this desam to reinforce it as a punya bhumi and to shower His kataksham on the needy souls. If we name His journey as Yatra, then any journey following Him would be anu yatra. Given the absolute servitude nature of the atman, anuyatra is a pleasurable duty for everyone of us.

This yatra take us through 8 states and 2 countries, necessitating to mingle with Rama bhaktas of different culture and languages. The yatrikas, 350 in number, were themselves from Srirangam, Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Dubai and USA. They had a great opportunity to exchange their varied experiences. Food of different tastes, such as UP, Bihari, Nepali, Marathi, Mysori etc was served (cooked by the team of Srivaishnava cooks and offered to Perumal). As a humble contribution towards integration of rivers, we take holy bath in as many as 9 holy rivers integrating their significance in our body. To name them - Ganga, Sarayu, Gandaki, Sona, Yamuna, Mandakini, Godavari, Tungabhadra, Kaveri (lakshmana tirtha). To our astonishment, we found one thread weaving this multi coloured fabric -- Rama Bhakti.

350 yatrikas at an average age of above 60 and highest age of 88, traveling 8500 kms, in 19 days, in 6 different trains and 45 different buses, carrying around 1550 baggage, looked an uphill task when we began. But every one of these hurdles added spices to the already tasty food. None of the trains were delayed which is unusual in North India. No passengers were left behind even in no electricity areas. None of the baggage were lost in spite of them being handled in separate vans. After we returned from Sitamarhi the bridges were broken and there was no traffic for 12 days. There was an attack in Nepal highway the day before we went. But there was no curfew all through our stay there. There was no case of health problem although we bathed in 9 different rivers and consumed water at times in unhygienic conditions. Over 100 people having blood pressure and diabetes and no medical facility in many areas, but yet, there was no complaint. 350 people for 19 days was almost 7000 man days. There were only two injuries, which were immediately treated, and those yatrikas happily continued journey. In the entire route we had to climb 4 mountains to have darsan. At chennai during the briefing session 250 yatrikas opted to stay back in the buses, as they cannot climb. Finally during the yatra only 8 stayed back. It was a great sight to watch all the aged climbing the mountains. Their lip movement revealed a secret. The only medicine we had was "Rama Namam". Sri Parasa Bhattar in his commentary to Vishnu Sahasranama hails Rama Namam as "mrta sanjivanam". All the yatrikas were requested to chant "Apadam apa hartaram... " and Sri Rama Rama Rameti..." each 108 times daily for 32 days starting from 8th August totaling to 2.4 million Rama Nama.

Places and its significance in brief:

  1. Bittoor (near Kanpur) UP - Valmiki Ashrama, birth place of Sri Ramayana and Lava Kusa. We began the yatra from here seeking the blessings of Bhagavatottama Sage Valmiki. This is also the place of Druva.

  2. Ayodhya - the birthplace of Rama and the capital of Kosala kingdom, on the banks of River Sarayu. Members of Janma bhoomi Ram mandir, voluntarily came and greeted us and gave us a spirited insight on the happenings.

  3. Kama Ashram - Following the first journey of Rama we reached this place. This was where Manmatha was burnt by Siva. Visvamitra, Rama and Lakshmana stayed here for a night.

  4. Tataka Vana - where Tataka was killed by Rama and stayed for a night.

  5. Siddha Ashrama - where Visvamitra performed yagna for 6 days - Rama stayed here for 7 nights. (4 and 5 are in Buxar - Bihar).

  6. Chapra - the confluence of River Ganges and Sarayu as explained by Visvamitra to Rama.

  7. Sonepur - the place of Gajendra Moksha and confluence of River Ganges and Gandaki.

  8. Visala Nagara (Hajipur near patna) - where Rama was greeted by a King and hosted for a night.

  9. Sitamarhi (in Dharbhanga district Bihar) - birthplace of Mata Sita. From here starts Mithila desam.

  10. Janakpuri in Nepal - the place of Sita Rama kalyanam - 7 members of bhajanai team came from Delhi and conducted a grand Sita kalyanam. The whole town was awe struck watching the programme. On our return to ayodhya, the entire Nepal route was studded with scenic beauty which we thought was nature's gift to the newly married.

  11. Ayodhya again

  12. Nandigram - we visited this place out of order. This is where Bharata stayed and ruled as a representative of Rama Paduka for 14 years. After Ravana vadha Hanuman and Rama met Bharata here.

  13. Srigiverpuram - on the banks of river Ganga - the place of Guha sakhyam.

  14. Bharadwaja asrama (in allahabad) - confluence of River Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. This sage showed Rama the way to Chitrakoot.

  15. Chitrakoot - any urban citizen would envy this place on the banks of River Mandakini. Rama and Sita spent happy days here. Bharata met Rama and got blessed with paduka here.

  16. Atri Anasuya Ashram - The first place of visit after Rama left Chitrakoot.

  17. Viradha Kunda - where Rama killed viradha.

  18. Sarabhanga Ashrama

  19. Suteekshna Ashrama

  20. Agastya Ashrama - 18, 19, and 20 are places of unadulterated natural beauty but very difficult to visit. (All these are near Satna MP)

  21. Ramtek - Another Agastya Ashrama near which Rama killed sambooka (uttara kanda)

  22. Nashik Panchavati - where Lakshmana built a beautiful parnasala on the banks of river Godavari. Place where Surpanakha was severed of her nose and ears. Battlefield where Rama killed 14000 demons resulting in Sita's abduction by Ravana.

  23. Taket - Jatayu Moksha sthala - a place to remember where nature has granted all its treasures. There were anxious moments in reaching and coming out of this place (65 kms from nasik on igatpuri road).

  24. Kishkindha (Hampi) - on the banks of river Tungabhadra - the monkey kingdom, Sabari Ashram, the spot where Rama killed Vali, Rishyamuka Parvatam, Malyavan where Rama waited for 4 months during rainy days.

  25. Lakshmana Tirtha - Valmiki gives the route of the large monkey contingent as Sahya, Malaya and Mahendragiri. Many research publications and official gazette of Mysore confirm this place in Nagerhole national park (120 kms from mysore) as the mountain range where the army crossed. Lakshmana shooting an arrow to quench the thirst of the army created today's Iruppu falls.

  26. Tirukkurungudi - This is in Mahendragiri, which was the last mountain in the journey after which the army sighted the ocean.

  27. Tiruppullani - the place where Rama surrendered to Samudra Raja in vain and then on went to build the famous bridge.

  28. Srirangam - The eventual abode of Sri Ranganatha. Initially, this deity along with pranavakara vimana was in ayodhya and it was Vibheeshana who consecrated in Srirangam. Sri Rama pattabhishekam was conducted here by our team. All the 350 yatrikas along with lot more Srirangam bhaktas took a chittirai veedi pradakshinam chanting Rama Nama in the morning.

Parayanam and upanyasam:

2 vidvans did parayanam of the whole Ramayanam in 18 days. Besides this, about 800 slokas were chosen by Sri U Ve Tiruppullani Sundara raja Iyengar Swamy relevant to the places of visit, and all the 350 in respective places chanted them. Sri U Ve Parasara Badri Narayana Bhattar Swamy, Sri U Ve Kanchi Srinidhi Swamy and Sri U Ve Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy conducted Upanyasams about the significance of every place and happenings as per Ramayana. It was a great experience for the upanyasaka and the listeners due to the importance of the place. We could see tears rolling down many cheeks on listening to the difficulties faced by Sita and Rama. Everyone was proud of Lakshmana, which made them plead to be blessed with a trace of his kainkaryam. Sattumurai was done at Srirangam Ranga Vilasa mandapam. Srimad Parahamsetyadi Sriranga Narayana Jeer Swamy delivered anugraha bhashanam. The function was held in the presence of The Joint Commissioner, Sthalathar and hundreds of Srirangam bhaktas.

Objectives of this yatra:

1. To remind Sri Ramayana and live with Sri Rama

2. Getting stuck to our homes, we become rigid and selfish. This got relieved.

3. None watched TV or read newspapers for 19 days. Sri Rama, purifying our senses, absorbed all of us.

4. A practice session to reduce our urban comforts and live close to nature.

5. To try yadum ure yavarum kelir - every place is my hometown and every atman is bhagavat bandhu.


All these were possible by the grace of Rama and the relentless efforts of about 25 volunteers of our Kinchitkaram Trust, who hardly slept for 19 days.


Every Rama bhakta around the globe gets an opportunity to visit these places. More importantly along with their children, to see Sri Rama and Sita come live, and to realise the richness and validity of the great epic Sri Ramayana. Anybody wanting to know about the route or stay facilities may contact our center and we would be too happy to help.

All these above places are covered in detail in our site. Below are links for the same, sorted episode wise.
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