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Sri Thirukodeeshwarar Temple, Thirukodikaval, Mayiladuthurai - 275 Shiva Temples

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Sri Thirukodeeshwarar Temple, Thirukodikaval, Mayiladuthurai - 275 Shiva Temples

37. Sri Thirukodeeshwarar Temple, Thirukodikaval, Mayiladuthurai (Chola Nadu - North of Kaveri):

Names of God : Sri Kodeeswarar, Sri Kodinathar
Name of Goddess : Sri Thripurasundari, Sri Vadivambigai
Holy water (Theertham) : Trisankhu Theertham, Cauvery Theertham/Utharavahini.
Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) : Pirambu.
Thevaram : Thirunavukarasar, Sambandar
District : Nagapattinam.
Location : Mayiladuthurai.
Timings : 06:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and from 04:00 p.m. to 09:00 p.m.

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This is the 37th sthalam on the northern side of river Cauvery. Thiruganasambandar and Appar has sung hymns in praise of Lord shiva of the temple. This Shivastalam represents one of the five 'Kaa's or 'Solai's, the othere being Aanaikka, Kolakka, Nellikkaa and Kurakkukka. All of the multitudes of Gods (Koti) are said to have worshipped here at this shrine beautified by countless gardens (kavu), hence Kodikka.

There are two prakarams and a 5 tiered Rajagopuram in this temple which covers an area of about 3.5 acres. The niche images here include those of Vinayakar, Agastyar, Dakshinamurthy, Lingodbhavar, Bhrama, Durga, Bhikshatanar and Ardhanareeswarar. There are about 50 inscriptions in this temple, from the days of the early and later Pallavas, the Imperial Cholas and Pandyas

This temple was rebuilt of stone by Sembiyan Mahadevi (10th century) who caused earlier inscriptions to be re-engraved. Surrounding the main central shrine and the maha mandapam, is a wall known as Vikramacholan Tirumaligai with a pillared and covered platform running its entire length. It was during the period of Kulottunga I and his son Vikrama Chola that such walls were raised in several temples all over the empire, enclosing courtyards within. The image of Surya was set up here by Ilaiyan Aditta Pidaran. There are several inscriptions from the period of Kulottunga I and his son Vikrama Chola, in the Mahamandapam of the temple.

Four worship services are offered each day. Arudra Darisanam, Kartikai Deepam, Navaratri, Sivaratri, Chitra Pournami, Sivaratri, Aadi Pooram and Vinayaka Chaturthi are the festivals celebrated here.

History / Legend:

This is a sacred place offering good progress in education. Sage Markandeya worshiped the Lord here. The Shivalinga was found under castor nuts (nut in Tamil means Kottai), hence named Kottayur. Lord gave darshan to Sage Badri Yogi in 10 million Vinayaka form, 10 million Mother-Goddesses form, 10 Million Lord Muruga form – 10 million – one crore). Hence, the Lord is known as Koteeswarar. The nut symbols are visible on the Linga.

Mother Goddess Pandhadu Nayaki (Goddess playing with a ball) is so named as she is tossing a ball under Her feet, indicating that she would toss the sufferings of Her devotees as that of a ball. Sports men and women worship the Goddess to win games and medals. Spilling the water of the holy spring – Amudhakinaru – ensures not only external purity but purifies the mind too, the belief goes. The spring ensures good education and good traits to the devotee.

There was a proverb that those placing their feet in Kottayur will become Kattai (dead) meaning that sinners cannot enter this place. If they do so, their sins multiply to a crore. The benefits of good deeds also would multiply in crores. As many wicked people were afraid to come to the temple, it is said that Goddess Pandhadu Nayaki assured them protection by tossing their sins as a ball and reform them. Now, many people come here with the obvious aim of seeking the pardon of the Goddess for what they did in the past and lead a righteous life.

Satyarathi was the ruler of Tirihartha kingdom. His son Suruchi incurred a curse and was disfigured as a devil. Anyone seeing him began to run away. He wanted to attract all those who hated his appearance and worshipped Lord Shiva to get back his handsome face. He was advised to go to Kottayur and have a bath in the holy spring. He regained his handsomeness still better. Mainly, women follow this ritual to become beautiful.

Sriman Narayanan came here and had a bath in the ‘Sringothbhava Theertham’ and did penance towards Lord Siva, requesting Mukthi for the three crores of Mantra Devathas.

In this sthala, The lord came in the form of a Harijan and on a day when it was pouring down heavily, he helped a Vaishnava Boy who was a devotee of Lord Siva and took him safely to Kanjanoor.

The Goddess in this sthala gave darshan in the form of Lord Venkatachalapathy to Azhwars.

“Karai yetru Vinayagar” is there in this sthala. Karai yetrudhal is absolving one of their sins and difficulties. (Being able to cross the samsara saagara).

For having been disrespectful to Sage Dhurvasa, the three crore Mantra dhevathas have made the sthaapana of the “Dhurvasa Ganapathi” here in thie sthala.

Bhaskararaya wrote the explanation for Lalitha Sahasranamam sitting in the sannidhi of the Goddess in this kshethra.

On the 19th, 20th and 21st of the Aani month, Surya Baghawan (The Sun God) casts his golden rays on the lord and worships him here.

The four Vedas worshipped the Lord here and by his divine command have become four Shivalingas in this sthala.

When Mout Kailash and this sthala were kept on the weighing scale, this sthala showed itself as superior.

Unseen anywhere else in the whole world, in this sthala, Lord Saneeshwara is in the form of Bala Saneeshwara(young boy) who gives relief from Sani dhosha( the ill effects of the planetary position of Saturn).

Chithraguptha and Yama have separate sannidhis in this sthala and the belief is that if we worship the Lord of this sthala, chithraguptha will only write good things about us.

If we pray to the Lord of this Temple and bathe in the North bound Cauvery river on a Sunday of the Karthigai month, it is believed that all our sins will get washed away.

The Sringodhbhava Theertham (Pond) in this temple was created by the horns of Nandhi. (The bull Lord Shiva rides on).

Sri Bhaskararaya wrote and inaugurated the treatise “Sri Sowbhagya Bhaskaram” sitting in the sannidhi of the Goddess here.

The Lord of this temple gave darshan to Sage Agasthya and Sage Dhurvasa.

Inside the temple there are 64 statues that were created by the Pallavas. They are known as the “Ashtaashtaka” statues. ‘Ashta’ means eight and ‘Ashta ashta’ means 8×8 = 64. These 64 statues describe the Leelas of Lord Siva.

The Lord has imbibed the Navagraha Shakthi into himself and there is a Navagraha Chakram in this temple.

All the theerthas bathed in the Sringodhbhava theertha created by the horns of Nandhi and received the Lord’s blessings. Near the pond, there is the Sri Vidhya Vinayagar temple and behind this temple is the Banyan tree under which the Lord gave darshan to the three crores of Mantra dhevathas and gave them eternal bliss and Mukthi.

All the parivaara devathas or the accompanying angels have some 26 sannidhis in this temple.

Location: This temple can be reached from Mayiladuthurai via Kuthalam and Kadiramanagalam. One can also reach this temple from Kumbakonam via Kadiramangalam. It is about five km from Suryanarkoil (Navagraha kshetra for Sun God) and two km from Kanjanoor (Sukhra kshetra on the east) and five km west of Kuttalam town.

Temple Address & Contact Details:

Arulmighu Kodeeswarar Temple
Tirukkodikkaval Post
Via Narasinganpettai
Tiruvdaimarudur Taluk
Thanjavur District
PIN 609802
Phone: +91-0435 - 2450 595, +91-94866 70043, 98406 48915(Mythili Ganesan).

Glimpse Of Sri Agneeswarar Temple:

Sri Thirukodeeshwarar Temple, Thirukodikaval, Mayiladuthurai - 275 Shiva Temples
Sri Thirukodeeshwarar Temple, Thirukodikaval, Mayiladuthurai - 275 Shiva Temples
Sri Thirukodeeshwarar Temple, Thirukodikaval, Mayiladuthurai - 275 Shiva Temples
Sri Thirukodeeshwarar Temple, Thirukodikaval, Mayiladuthurai - 275 Shiva Temples
Sri Thirukodeeshwarar Temple, Thirukodikaval, Mayiladuthurai - 275 Shiva Temples
Sri Thirukodeeshwarar Temple, Thirukodikaval, Mayiladuthurai - 275 Shiva Temples
Sri Thirukodeeshwarar Temple, Thirukodikaval, Mayiladuthurai - 275 Shiva Temples
Sri Thirukodeeshwarar Temple, Thirukodikaval, Mayiladuthurai - 275 Shiva Temples


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