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Sri Swarnapureeswarar Temple, Thiruchemponpalli (Semponarkoil), Mayiladuthurai - 275 Shiva Temples

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Sri Swarnapureeswarar Temple, Thiruchemponpalli (Semponarkoil), Mayiladuthurai - 275 Shiva Temples

42. Sri Swarnapureeswarar Temple, Thiruchemponpalli (Semponarkoil), Mayiladuthurai (Chola Nadu - South of Kaveri):

Names of God : Sri Swarnapureeswarar
Name of Goddess : Sri Maruvar Kuzhaliammai, Sri Sugandhavana Nayaki
Holy water (Theertham) : Surya Theertham, Indra Theertham, Cauvery
Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) : Vilvam, Vanni
Thevaram : Thirunavukkarasar ; Thiru Gnana Sambandhar
District : Nagapattinam.
Location : Mayiladuthurai.
Timings : 06:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and from 04:30 p.m. to 08:00 p.m

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This is the 42nd sthalam on the southern side of river Cauvery. Thiruganasambandar and Appar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple. Thirusemponpalli / Semponnar Kovil / Lakshmipuri / Indrapuri / Kandhapuri / Madakkovil is one of the 275 Thevara Shivasthalam of Lord Shiva located in Tharangampadi, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu. This is one of the prominent temples of Lord Shiva built by the King Ko-Chengan Chozha of Chozha dynasty. In this temple, Lord Shiva worshiped in the form of a self-manifested Linga.

Important Features:
  • This temple classified as Paadal Petra Sthalam.
  • Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi worshipped Lord Shiva and attained blessings to wed Lord Vishnu.
  • Lord Indra worshiped Lord Shiva and underwent severe austerities to eradicate the sin for attending the Yagna conducted by Dakshaprajapathi, attain Vajrayudham to behead the demon Vruthasura.
  • Lord Subramanya worshiped his father and undergone austerities to vanquish the demon Daruka.
  • Sage Agastya worshiped Lord Shiva and attained eternal wisdom (Sakala Purushartha).
  • Lord Brahma worshiped Lord Shiva and attained the responsibility of Creation.
  • Rathi Devi worshiped Lord Shiva and attained Lord Kamadeva as her husband.
  • Nagakanyakas worshiped Lord Shiva and attained virtuous companions.
  • Ambal in a separate sannadhi with Sabtha kanniyars.
  • There is no kodimaram and Rajagopuram.
The Sun's rays fall on the sanctum for a period of 11 days from the 7th day of the month of Aries in this Maadakkovil built at an elevation. This temple dates back to the period of the Chola King Aditya I (9th century AD). With just one prakaram it occupies an area of about 2 acres. Inscriptions from the Chola period and from the Maratha period are seen here. Four worship services are offered each day. The annual Bhrammotsavam is held in the month of Chittirai.

Gallery Of Swarnapureeswarar Temple:

Thiruchemponpalli (Semponarkoil) Temple Main Entrance 01
Thiruchemponpalli (Semponarkoil) Temple Main Entrance 02
Thiruchemponpalli (Semponarkoil) Temple Kodimaram

Thiruchemponpalli (Semponarkoil) Temple Inside Praharam 01
Thiruchemponpalli (Semponarkoil) Temple Inside Shrine
Thiruchemponpalli (Semponarkoil) Temple - Sri Koshta Ganapathy

Thiruchemponpalli (Semponarkoil) Temple – Guru Dakshinamurthy
Thiruchemponpalli (Semponarkoil) Temple – Sri Arthanareeswarar
Thiruchemponpalli (Semponarkoil) Temple Inside Praharam 02

Thiruchemponpalli (Semponarkoil) Temple Inside Praharam 03
Thiruchemponpalli (Semponarkoil) Temple Inside Praharam 04
Thiruchemponpalli (Semponarkoil) Temple Inside Praharam 05

Thiruchemponpalli (Semponarkoil) Temple Goddess Suguntha Kundalambikai
Thiruchemponpalli (Semponarkoil) Temple Main Deity Swarnapureeswarar

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History / Legend:

A story goes that when Lord Shiva refused to receive Mother Parvathi back after visiting Her father’s Yajna against His advice, Lord Muruga came to the Mother in the form of Shiva and imparted good advices in this place. Based on this story, Lord Muruga appears in the temple with an Akshamala. Shiva appeared in this place only as Veerabadra. Rathi worshiped Lord Shiva here to get back her husband Manmatha. Lord Vishnu too had worshiped Lord Shiva here.

Mother Sugantha Kundalambica is praised by many names - Pushpalaki, Dakshayani, Suganthalaki, Suganthavana Nayaki and Maruvar Kuzhali. It is advised that a dip on the new moon day in Chithirai and Vaikasi Tamil months – April-May and May-June, the devotee can wash off all his/her sins.

Daksha, son of Brahmma gave his daughter Dakshayani to Lord Shiva in marriage. Yet he intentionally failed to invite Lord Shiva for a yajna he performed. Mother Dakshayani wanted to correct Her father by visiting the yajna. But clouded by arrogance and pride, Daksha humiliated his own daughter and Her Lord. Furious Dakshayani cursed her father that his yajna would not go on. She also begged Her Lord to destroy the yajna. Lord Shiva created Veerabadra, Badrakali and others to destroy the yajna along with Daksha. Dakshayani to wash off Her sin as the daughter of a Shiva opponent performed penance here sitting around five types Agni-fire. Lord, pleased with Her penance named Her Sugantha Kundalambikai and took Her to bless devotees along with Him in the temple.

Location: This sivasthalam, popularly referred to as Sombonaar Kovil, is located at about 10 Kms from Mayiladuthurai on the way to Tarangambadi. Another Paadal Petra Sthalam Tiruppariyalur is situated within 3 Kms from this temple.

Temple Address & Contact Details:

Sri Semponnarkoil Swarnapureeswarar Temple,
Mayiladuthurai Taluk,
Nagapattinam district,
Pin code: 609 309.
Phone: +91-99437 97974.


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