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Namaste to one & all, I have started this blog so that we could share the knowledge of our Sanathana Hindu Dharma and its teachings by wonderful Gurujis. I would request the blog followers or readers not to post personal information and ask for predictions.
I too watch the programmes telecasted in TV Channels, wanted to record and spread the valuable information about hinduism by these Gurujis to all.
You will get all the details of temples, Ashrams, Stalas, Kshetrams, Places told by these Gurujis in this blog.
We merely search on INTERNET about the temples and index popular details openly available for anyone.
We have used images which seem to appear in the Google search.

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This Blog is meant for publishing Spiritual and Devotional Postings as we collected from the renowned Dailies, Magazines, blogs ,etc., so as to create awareness to the general public and also to keep it as a ready reckoner by them.

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  1. Hi All Guruji Followers,

    I have created a group in Facebook called Guruji Narendra Babu Sharma. Please add yourself in this group.

    It's a way of showing our respect and honor to our Guruji after all we are his diciples.

    My Name is ashwini shastry. and the group name is Guruji Narendra Babu Sharma.

    Thanks a lot for your support

  2. ravi
    yes we are also

  3. iam a very big fan of nithyasree akka...but I hail from a family not very financially sounded so I want to download songs foe free..and the songs here are free

  4. namasthe all of our sathsang, thankful for this grace