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Pushya Nakshatra : Sri Saneeswara Baghwan Temple – Kuchanur

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Pushya Nakshatra : Sri Saneeswara Baghwan Temple – Kuchanur
Nakshatra/Birth Star : Pushya Nakshatra
Adidevatha / Adipathi of Nakshatra : Shani (Saturn)
Symbol : Cow's udder, lotus, arrow and circle
Deity : Bṛhaspati, priest of the gods

Shani resides in his own idol.

People's whose Birth star sign is Pushya Nakshatra have to visit Sri Saneeswara Baghwan Temple – Kuchanur in Tamil Nadu twice in an year or atleast once in an year. Should stay in the temple or premises for two and half hours. Visit the Temple in your Birth star or Nakshatra i.e visit the temple on Pushya Nakshatra

Sri Saneeswara Baghwan Temple – Kuchanur

Pushya Nakshatra : Sri Saneeswara Baghwan Temple – Kuchanur
Saturn is a powerful planet among the nine and subject people to good or bad effects and therefore gains importance in the life of the humans. Hence, it is a planet to be worshipped very devotionally for their wellbeing. They get relieved of the intensity of its effect and follow their professions peacefully and run the family in peace. People throng this shrine naturally.

Pushya Nakshatra : Sri Saneeswara Baghwan Temple – Kuchanur
Prayer commitments:
Devotees light lamps with pure gingely oil and feed the crows. They also undertake feeding the visiting devotees. Donate for the maintenance and renovation of the temple.

Though there is a shrine for Saturn in almost all temples, Kuchanur temple is exclusively for Sani Baghwan next to Thirunallar. Moreover, He exists of himself.

It is said that this is the place where Sani Baghwan himself got relieved of the Brahmmahathi dosha – a sin that affects a person for committing some serious crime.
A Shivalinga was growing upwards here and the growth was controlled by applying turmeric on the Linga. A very sacred place for relief from the adverse effects of Saturn. A large number of devotees visit Kuchanur to worship Sani Baghwan from Northern states too.

Pushya Nakshatra : Sri Saneeswara Baghwan Temple – Kuchanur
Adi festival (July-August) celebrated for five weeks. Also the Sani (Saturn) transit day is observed very devotionally occurring in every two and half years.

King Dhinakaran prayed to God for a child. He heard a voice that a Brahmin boy would visit him and he would get a child then. The boy came and was named Chandravadanan. The queen also became pregnant and delivered a male child. He was named Sadhagan. As the Brahmin boy was wise and good natured, he was crowned the king of the land. It was during this time, the king had to face and undergo the Saturn period (seven and half years Saturn). To save the adopted father king from the consequences of the Saturn period, Chandravadhana made a Saturn idol made of iron and worshipped Him on the banks of Surabi river.

He prayed to Lord Saturn to protect his adopted father from the effects of his period. Saturn, responding to the prayers of Chandravadhana, got the King only for seven and half hours, instead of seven and half years. He also assured Chandravadhana that he would not harm people of just nature and reduce his effects to the most minimum. Chandravadhana built a temple for Sani with Kuchu grasses here, hence the name Kuchanur.

How to get there:
Kuchanur is 30 kms from Theni, and 100 from Madurai. There are lodgings in Theni Town, the charges ranging from Rs. 200 to Rs. 500.

Bus facilities are available from Theni. The nearest railway stations are Theni, Dindigul and Madurai. Nearest Airport Madurai.



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