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Sadguru Shridhara Bhagavan Ashram - Varadahalli

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Sadguru Shridhara Bhagavan Ashram - Varadahalli
The name varadahalli is also known as Varadpur and Varadalli is located in the state of Karnataka near (within 4-5 Miles) Sagar,in Shimoga District. If you take your route towards Jogfalls from Sagar, you need to turn left from the main road to Varadalli. This place is a sacred place in the Sahyadri ranges where the greatest of sages like Maharshi Agastya and Maharshi Veda Vyas had done their sadhana thousands of years ago.Maharshi Vyas had established a temple of the Goddess Jagdamba which is still there. There is also the cave where maharshi Veda Vyas used to meditate in solitude.

Sadguru Shridhara Bhagavan Ashram - Varadahalli
Shree shridhar swamiji lived here and spent his last years and His Samadhi is also there. All the disciples visit this Ashram as they believe that Swamiji although is omnipresent he is in the Ashram always, even when he is with the disciples wherever they are and hence the frequent visits to the Ashram, to seek the blessings of Swamiji. It mainly consists of : Swamiji's Samadhi Mandir (Temple): with the cave where Swamiji used to stay during his solitude. Dharma Stambha with the Dharma Dhwaj: This is at the top of the mountain and is 30 feet in height. The Dharma Dhwaj is made of 5 sacred metals. Sanskrit Pathshala (School): named after Swamiji where the students learn the Vedas, the Upanishads and the related spiritual literature apart from Swamiji's and Shree Samarth's preaching. Goshala (Cow shelter): houses around 250 cows. There is a residential complex for the visitors, food preparation rooms and dining halls. Shreedhar Teerth: is a constant source of water running 24 hours a day created by Swamiji, the origin of which no one knows and a pool for the storage of water is constructed there. This water which we the disciples believe will run till the existence of the Earth is purest in quality, not found in the areas around and has a fragrance of its own. Even when stored for years together in any clean container, it never looses the fragrance or is never contaminated. It is used by the disciples as the sacred Teerth made available to them by Swamiji for use during calamities in their family lives or during the pooja. It is a very picturesque place, full of Nature's bounties worth visiting even if you are not a disciple of Swamiji or are not inclined towards spiritualism, after your visit there,you will be! The Ashram is run by a Trust, the members of which are Swamiji's staunch disciples and have no other interest in life except for worshipping Swamiji and serving the visitors. All of them stay in the Ashram and don't accept any salary. It is a purely charitable organization. Those visiting the Ashram can stay there without paying any charges.They are provided free lodging and boarding. You can hire cars or travel by buses from Jog Bus Stand Sagar to Varadalli

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  1. sakalarigu sadguruvu mangalavannuntumadali,om namo sridharaya