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Simha Rashi : Vaanchinathar Temple - Tiruvaanchiyam (Srivanchiyam)

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Simha Rashi : Vaanchinathar Temple - Tiruvaanchiyam (Srivanchiyam)
House : Leo ( Simha Rashi )
Lord of the House : Surya
Best Day to Visit the Temple : Sunday

People's whose star sign is Leo ( Simha Rashi ) have to visit Vaanchinathar Temple - Tiruvaanchiyam (Srivanchiyam) in Tamil Nadu twice in an year or atleast once in an year. Should stay in the temple or premises for two and half hours.

Vaanchinathar Temple - Tiruvaanchiyam (Srivanchiyam)

Simha Rashi : Vaanchinathar Temple - Tiruvaanchiyam (Srivanchiyam)
Tiruvanchiyam (Srivanchiyam), one of the Abodes of Lord Shiva is situated in the Cauvery basin near Tiruvarur (about 14 kms from Tiruvarur) and Nanilam in the state of Tamilnadu, India. Considered as a "Mukthisthalam" (land of attainment of salvation), Goddess Ganges is said to have bathed in "Gupta Ganga Theertham", the holy pond in the temple, to wash away all the sins of those taking bath in Ganges. Srivanchiyam is considered holier than Varanasi (Kasi).

Goddess Mahalakshmi is said to have prayed Lord Shiva to be united with Lord Vishnu and hence this place is called as "Sri Vanchiyam". There is also a story that Lord Vishnu prayed to get united with Goddess Mahalakshmi. Taking bath in Gupta Ganga Theertham on Sundays in the Tamil month of Karthigai is considered sacred and is said to wash away all sins. Suriyan (Sun) had prayed Lord Shiva here to get rid of his sins and get back is shining best during Karthigai (Nov-Dec)

The temple is said to have withstood the period of great deluge and hence considered very sacred. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva known as Vanchinathan. The Shivalinga here is "swayambhu" and it faces on both the directions East and West. Hence pujas are conducted on both the sides of Shivalingam. Pujas are performed to Vanchinathan using sandalwood leaves. The sthala vruksham here is Sandalwood tree. Lord Shivas consort is known here as Mangalambika.

One of the rare deities in Tiruvanchiyam is "Yoga Bhairavar". Pujas are performed to Yoga Bhairavar using "Vanni" leaves. It is believed that one gets cured of nervous disorders and diseases if he consumes daily, the powder made from vanni leaves that are used for puja. Yoga Bhairavar is worshipped here to get rid of all evils directed towards a person. Pujas using "red arali" flowers for 6 Krishnapaksha ashtami days (eighth day of waning moon) are performed to beget children. Special prayers on Amavasya days (new moon days) offering Curd Rice, Coconut Rice and Honey helps one to be victorious in all his deeds and to gain profits in business. To get married soon, pujas are performed during Rahu Kaalam on Sundays offering vada made of lentils and ghee.

One is said to have "Kalasarpa dosham" if all the planets are positioned in between Rahu and Kethu in ones horoscope. Srivanchiyam is a lesser-known parihara sthalam for Kethu and Kalasarpa dosham. Pariharam for Rahu is also done here. Rahu-Kethu is here in a single form and known as "Chanda Rahu".

There is Vinayagar known as "Vennai Pillayar". Butter is applied to this Vinayagar and then consumed, to get rid of stomachaches. Mahishasuramardhini at this temple is worshipped to get rid of all evils.

Simha Rashi : Vaanchinathar Temple - Tiruvaanchiyam (Srivanchiyam)

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