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Vishakha Nakshatra : Cholavandhan

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Vishakha Nakshatra : Cholavandhan
Nakshatra/Birth Star : Vishakha Nakshatra
Adidevatha / Adipathi of Nakshatra : Shani (Saturn)
Symbol : Triumphal arch, potter's wheel
Deity : Indira, chief of the gods; Agni, god of Fire

Shani resides in his own idol.

People's whose Birth star sign is Vishakha Nakshatra have to visit Cholavandhan in Tamil Nadu twice in an year or atleast once in an year. Should stay in the temple or premises for two and half hours. Visit the Temple in your Birth star or Nakshatra i.e visit the temple on Vishakha Nakshatra

There are 2 shani idols in Cholavandhan the actual idol is next to kalyani.Cholavandhan is 28 kms NW to Madurai.

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  1. is the ruler of Vishakha Lord Shani or Brihaspati? Shani governs Pushya, Anuradha and Uttara Bhadrapad.