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SiddaraBetta - Tumkur

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Siddara Betta - Tumkur
Siddara Betta (Hills) at Koratagere in Tumkur district has both mythological and historical significance. The rocky mountain of Siddara Betta has rare species of herbal plants. It is said that many hermits used to perform meditation in its caves. Hence the name: Siddara Betta in Kannada means the mountain of seers.
For decades this unique hill was home for numerous Hindu Saints for their sacred meditation and to obtain Nirvana. As time passed by, this practice got into an extinction. One can find very few saints chanting in distances. And it too has a old styled “Aashrama” at the base.

Siddara Betta - Tumkur
Siddara Betta - Tumkur
The cave temple at top can be reached thru a flight of steps. The cave temple is dedicated to Siddeshawara and a natural spring can be found inside the cave temple. This is a theerth (water source-chilling water) inside the temple. It has been said that the theerth has got medicinal value.Guruji Sri Narendra Babu Sharmaji said that, this natural spring has medicinal values, it has the ability to cure the pain in joints, which is usually found in senior citizens.

Siddara Betta - Tumkur
Siddara Betta - Tumkur
Trek to Siddeshwara temple consists of man-made stone stairs stretches for a distance of 3kms. This simple stretch takes you through lush greenery coming on the way. On route, one can also find huge boulders to pass through, even this has been eased by etching stairs on them and by providing support rod right through. In middle, you can also find a petty shop selling juice, snacks, biscuits etc. After this you’ll find similar way of almost equal distance towards temple.

Siddara Betta - Tumkur
Here comes the most interesting part of this whole trek, crawling inside caves. This starts from a visit to Siddeshwara temple inside the cave, and just from there starts cave crawling. Before starting hire a guide from temple, since it’s highly difficult to determine route inside caves.

Siddara Betta - Tumkur
Cave formation in Siddara Betta is nothing but crevices formed between rock & boulders. It’s advised to carry only necessary stuff inside, leave unnecessary outside and lighten your backpack. Inside cave, one can see places where saints were meditating before. A torch in-hand can be a good companion.

Siddara Betta - Tumkur
After a few crawling, jumping, slipping and falling you will see lights coming from gap that lead towards a huge hollow place inside boulders and creepy trees similar to one shown in Harry Potter’s movies. It’s a view that one would’ve never imagined beyond.

Siddara Betta - Tumkur
Siddara Betta - Tumkur

The cave temple is situated in the middle of the hill. If you are interested in trekking or going further, you can go towards hilltop which is another 1km from there. Here this doesn’t have any man-made stairs, but has easily walkable natural narrow ways. The hilltop is a plain huge boulder that exposes you to unstoppable 360° view of regions, plains and small mountains around. It’s a panorama no words can define it.

Useful tips that will help:

1. Have an experienced member in your team, who already visited the place at least twice.
2. Don’t try to climb in hurry, it may lead to slip-down.
3. Carry sufficient water.
4. Never forget to carry a electric torch with you
5. Seek assistance from a guide at temple to guide you along Caves.
6. Wear shoe that has a demonstrated ability of holding over rocks & grasses.
7. While climbing down try move in side-wise or zig-zag manner, this will not only give additional grip to your foot and also reduce body weight over your knees.
8. Carry your own garbage bag to collect waste like excess food, plastic bag etc & dispose it in any garbage dump in city. This will help keep the place clean.
9. Don’t carry any food stuffs or any plastic bags in hand, since terrorist turned monkeys can snatch it from you and leaving a shock in your mind.
10. And don’t forget camera, to Click!!!

How to Reach:
Siddara Betta, nearly 100 Kms from Bangalore is a nice place for one day outing
Bangalore - Dabaspet - Koratagere - Tumabadi Village (On Madhugiri Raod) - Take left immediately after Tumbadi village (you will see an arch and sign boards) - From here 8 kms.
You wont find any good hotels there. But at the bottom of the hill everyday there will be free meals available in the afternoon. so pack enough water and food. coffee tea shops are available. You could park your vehicles here.


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