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Concept of Adhika Masa

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Concept of Adhika Masa
A chandramana masa in which no sankramana occurs is known as Adhika Masa. The instant at which Sun transits from one Rashi to the next is called a Sankramana.

Mathematically, a Chandramana Varsha (Lunar calendar = 29.5305 X 12 = 354.366 days) has 354 days, while a Soura Varsha (Solar calendar = 365.2587 days) has 365 days, the difference being 11 days per year.

[ Adhika (Purushottam) Maase Since the calendar is based on the phases of the Moon, the transits take 354 days, 8 hours and 34.28 seconds. This creates a difference of 10 days, 21 hours and 35.16 seconds from the actual solar year (365 days, 6 hours, 9.54 seconds) When the accumulated difference exceeds 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.865 seconds, an adjustment is made with an extra month (Adhika Maas), which carries the name of the previous or the next month, depending on the proximity of the month. ]

In the course of 2 years and 8 months of Chandramana the difference works out to 29.5 days equal to another Chandramana masa. The 33rd masa is considered as an Adhika masa which brings the two systems (Chandramana and Souramana) to evenness. Thus, theoretically, every 33rd chandramana masa is an Adhika masa. In practice, due to the variations in speed of movement of Sun and Moon, Adhika Masa occurs anywhere between 28th and 36th masas.

Prajapathi and Vashatkara are the devathas of Adhika masa. Their antharyami Bhagavantha is not different from Purushottama, the masa Niyamaka.

Accumulation of Punya is more in a Purushotthama masa giving the masa the name Adhika masa. Bhagavantha will eliminate the papas during the masa giving the masa the name Mala masa. The list of Shubha karyas to be avoided also justifies the name Mala masa. Bhagavantha will provide Women who observe the Adhika masa with Soubhagya and be blessed with Sons with immense love to God. Snana in Adhika masa will avoid miscarriages. No other masa is equal to the Purushotthama masa.

This Adhika Masam is from March 30, 2010 to April 28, 2010 as per North Indian Calendar. In Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, the Adika Masa is from April 15, 2010 to May 14, 2010. This extra month is known as Adhik Vaishak Maas or Adhik VaishakMahina. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna and as Vaishak is auspicious to Vishnu this makes the extra month in 2010 double auspicious.

It must be noted here that there is no Adhika Masam in the calendars followed in Assam, Bengal, Kerala, Orissa and Tamil Nadu as it is based on Solar Calendar.

Few Words from Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji

If you donate anything in this month, donate it in 33 numericals. i.e if you donate lamps offer 33 lamps.

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