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Where and How to Perform Kuja Rahu Sandhi Shanthi?

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Where and How to Perform Kuja Rahu Sandhi Shanthi?
Kuja Rahu Sandhi Shanthi should be performed in Ghati Subramanya swamy temple.
Ghati Subramanya swamy temple is one of the popular temples dedicated to Lord Subramanya in Karnataka. The temple is located near Doddaballapur about 60 Kms from Bangalore. Lord Lakshmi Narasimha is also consecrated in Ghati temple. Subramanya idol is considered as Swayambhu vigraha i.e. self originated. The most significant feature of this temple is Lord Subramanya is facing east and Lakshmi Narasimha swamy is facing west in a single image. Devotees visit Lord Narasimha through a mirror placed at grabha gudi.

Shri Subrahmanya Temple
S.S. Ghati Post,
Doddaballapur Taluk,
Pin code: 561 203,
Bangalore Rural district.

Phone Number : 080-27657131 (From Just Dial)

Details on how to perform Kuja Rahu Sandhi Shanthi

  • Kuja Rahu Sandhi Shanthi should be performed twice in a year.

  • First you should perform Kuja Rahu Sandhi homa at home, then you should visit Ghati Subramanya Swamy Temple. If you are not able to perform at home, its alright you can do it in Temple directly.

  • Should Visit the Temple only on Tuesdays in early Morning i.e for 07:30 AM Abhisheka. Panchamirtha Abhisheka is performed only at 07:30 AM.

  • Offer milk and Panchamirtha Abhisheka. The quantity of milk varies according to the person's nakshatra for whom the Kuja Rahu Sandhi Shanthi is performed.

  • After performing the Shanthi, you should offer Kanike (donation) for 11 people, keeping it in Betel leaf (veeleyada yele). Minimum of Rs 11/- each can be offered. You can offer Kanike depending upon your capability.

  • Take Havala Karimani (Havala for Kuja and Karimani for Rahu) in your hand, round it over your head and put it in Temple Hundi.


  1. Namaskara Guruji..

    Nimma karyakrama namage thumba ishtavaguthe .
    Secret hayagreeva mantra mathu adannu yava reethi hege madabahudu antha and yaava photo vannu ittu pooje madabeku antha tilisi guruji.

  2. Hi Anjali,
    Check this link for Secret Mantra/Sloka Revealed by Brahmanda Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji :

  3. Hi,

    I like to know when this Kuja rahoo sandhi shanthi homa will performed at ghati subramanya temaple. whom to contact.Do we need to stay there one day earlier.
    Please provide these detail and send me mail if possible :