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Difference between Devalaya, Devasthana and Gudi

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Difference between Devalaya, Devasthana and Gudi
Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji gave us the difference between Devalaya, Devasthana and Gudi and narrated an interesting story on Lord Shiva Family.

Devalaya are temples which are in big size, vast area and are built according to Devalaya Vastu etc. For example temples like Ulsoor Someshwara Temple, Nanjangud Nanjundeshwara Temple, Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Temple etc.

Devasthana are temples which are in between Devalaya and Gudi (nor big nor small). For example Iskcon.

Gudi's are small temple like structures built within Devalayas i.e built inside the Devalayas. For example Idagunji Ganesha Temple.

Guruji also narrated a wonderful story which shows the significance and intelligence of Lord Ganesha.
The Story goes like this, there was an discussion going on in devaloka to whom should the Devalaya be given. Whether to Lord Muruga or Lord Ganesha. Few supporters were supporting lord Muruga and few were supporting lord Ganesha. Lord Shiva was watching this and Shiva told let us give Devalaya to Lord Ganesha as he was knowing what Lord Ganesha is going to do.

Lord Ganesha said, I no need Devalaya please give it to Lord Muruga and thanked Lord Shiva for the intention of giving it to him.
He called Guha i.e Lord Muruga and asked him to take the Devalaya but with one condition. He said there will be an small gudi in all the devalayas in this world.
That's the reason behind of having Lord Ganesha in all Temples in the world.


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