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How to take away Drishti by using Coconut?

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How to take away Drishti by using Coconut?
Clean the Coconut and remove the extra husk, do not remove the pointed edge husk of the coconut having three round indented markings or "eyes".

Do not light Camphor (Karpooram in Tamil) on Coconut in any occasion.

The person to whom the dristi has to be removed must pray to lord anjaneya that his negative energy should get rid off from this coconut and the person who is removing dristi should not get affected from this.

The pointed edge of coconut must face the person to whom dristi has to be removed.

The person removing the dristi must rotate the coconut in clockwise direction thrice from leg to top covering the whole body and the person should circumambulate thrice the person to whom drishti is removed.

The person to whom the dristi is removed must see the pointed edge of the coconut.

After removing dristi, the coconut must be taken to Hanuman Temple or it must be broken at the road where three paths meet.

If dristi is removed the coconut will break into pieces, if not the coconut will not break which means the negative power is very high.


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