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To Get Back The Money Given As Loan To Others

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Brahmanda Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji gave this solution to a caller, who had given money to a known person and he is not able to get back the money now and he is facing financial problem due to this.

Get some mud from snake pit or mound (Pambu Puthu in Tamil).

Collect the cowdung from the same cow once in morning, afternoon and again in evening. You have to collect three times which is related to Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu.

Make a ball with this collected cowdung and mud from snake pit.

Place an Hanathe deepa (Earthen lamp) on the cowdung ball you have made.

Instead of using cotton wick, you should use Lotus Flower's (Thamarai Poo in Tamil ; Thavare Hoo in Kannada) thread (naaru) to light the lamp.

If you dont get the thread, you can get the flower and dry it, to get the naaru.

The lamp should be filled with mixture of Ippe anne (An oil extracted from the seeds of Indian butter tree) ; Yellenne (Sesame Oil) and Cobri oil (made from the dried kernel of the coco-nut).

The wick (thavare naaru) of the lamp should face North East Corner.

Light the lamp and pray to lord Kala Bairava.

Guruji recited this Bairava mantra:
Varanasyam Bairavo devo samsara
Bhaiya nashanam aneka janma krutham papam
darshanena vinasyathi

You will get your money back.


  1. This almost happens with everyone in pour life once. That we give money to our known person and in return we didn't get money and due to this we have to suffer from the financial problem.

  2. sir,

    how many times we have to do this,
    Collect the cowdung from the same cow once in morning, afternoon and again in evening. three times we have to light Hanathe deepa or only in evening.


  3. respected guruji, I am born on 31-08-1967 and running factory in bangalore since ten years, however i have been always having problems in having permanent labours even after paying good salaries,and promptly, I request guruji to kindly give me a solution.

    with due respect


  4. on which day we have to do this and weather we have to this morning or evening

  5. Guruji didn't specify any specific day or weather we have to perform this in morning or evening. Do it any time comfortable to you or ask any nearby archak who is good in sanathana dharma, which time is good for lord Kala Bairava.