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Planets (Grahas) and Plants/Trees Related to it

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Planets (Grahas) and Plants/Trees Related to it
Brahmanda Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji gave us the information on Nine Planets (Navagrahas) and plant/tree related to it. Guruji recited this Navagraha mantra before starting this topic "Om Namah Suryaya Chandraya Mangalaya Budhayacha Guru Shukra Shanibhyascha Rahuve ketuve Namah"
Here is the table on it:

Sl no.Planets (Grahas)Names Of Plants/Trees in SanskritNames Of Plants/Trees in KannadaNames Of Plants/Trees in TamilBotanical Names
1.Sun (Surya)ArkaBili YekkaVellai ErukkuCalotropis gigantea
2.Moon (Chandra)PalashaMuthugaParasuButea monosperma
3.Mars (Kuja)KhadiraKachu, Kaggali, KantiKadiram, KarungaliAcacia catechu
4.Mercury (Budha)ApamargaUtranigida, UttaraanneChirukadaladi, NaayuriviAchyranthes aspera
5.Jupiter (Guru)AshwathaArali maraArasa maramFicus religiosa
6.Venus (Sukra)AudumbaraAtti maraAtti maramFicus glomerata
7.Saturn (Sani)ShamiBanni maraVanni maramProsopis cineraria
8.Rahu (north node)DurvaGarikeArugampulCynodon dactylon
9.Ketu (south node)DharbeDharbeDharbhamEragrostis cynosuroides

Sun (Surya) Planet - Crown flower

Planets (Grahas) and Plants/Trees Related to itPray to Lord Ganesha by Offering him 21 Sit-ups (Thoppukaranam in Tamil ; Baski Namaskara in Kannada) and two arka flowers every Tuesdays.

Moon (Chandra) Planet - Palasha

Planets (Grahas) and Plants/Trees Related to it
Lord Brahma was having food in this Plant's Leaf.
Goddess Lakshmi resides in this Plant's Leaf. Hence while keeping Kalasa we keep it on Palasha leaf.
During festive occasion have food in this leaf.
If kids are adamant, ask them to have food in this leaf.

Mars (Kuja) Planet - Khadira

Planets (Grahas) and Plants/Trees Related to it
Mercury (Budha) Planet - Apamarga

Planets (Grahas) and Plants/Trees Related to itAtleast one stick should be used in homas (Havan or Yagya).
Place it near the entrance so that no evil or negative charges will enter.

Jupiter (Guru) Planet - Bo tree, Peepal Tree

Planets (Grahas) and Plants/Trees Related to itThe bottom of Peepal Tree is succession of creation (srishti), middle is evolution or preservation (sthiti) and top is dissolution (laya).
Couples who are in need of kids, should take the root of this tree and should recite a moola mantra by doing panigrahana. (*Sorry Guruji didnt mention this moola mantra*).
This tree has many medicinal values.
Offer 11 Pradakshinas (Sanskrit), meaning circumambulation to this tree everyday in early mornings only, to get rid of doshas.

Venus (Sukra) Planet - Cluster Fig Tree

Planets (Grahas) and Plants/Trees Related to itIn Morning, Lord Dattatreya resides in this tree. In evening Goddess Lakshmi resides in this tree.
While speaking on Lord Dattatreya, Guruji recited this mantra "Dattatreya hare krishna unmatta ananda dayaka
Digambara mune bala pishcha jnana-sagara"

If possible plant this tree in any place like temples, fields etc..
Light Earthen Lamp with ghee near this tree every Mondays and Fridays.
Offer Pradakshina for 11 Thurdays in early mornings.

Saturn (Sani) Planet - Shami Tree

Planets (Grahas) and Plants/Trees Related to itPeople having health problems, take few leaves with cotton and offer your prayers to Surya Bhagvan by offering him Arghyam three times.
Sthala Vruksham in Kodumudi is Vanni Tree, which is 3000 years old. It is believed that Pandavas during their Agyatwas, hid their arms in the hollow of this tree.
Offer Pradhakshinas in evening between 3:45 to 5:15 and in mornings in Brahmi muhurat.

Rahu (north node) Planet - Bermuda or Bahama Grass

Planets (Grahas) and Plants/Trees Related to it
Ketu (south node) Planet - Dharbham the Holy Grass

Planets (Grahas) and Plants/Trees Related to it
We should have both Garike and Dharbe grass with us always.
Every house should have one bunch of Dharbe hullu.
If any of your family members are not able to attend any poojas, you can give them a coconut along with four strips of Dharbe grass in the night and collect it in the morning and you attend the pooja along with coconut and dharbe. After pooja break the coconut and return without turning back and drop dharbe grass in the water resource.


  1. guruji told about medicinal values about peepal tree and also about lavancha and spatikara which is used after shaving please mention it so that it will be helpful to the people who have missed the episodes

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    Guruji told to keep mercury or paadarasa in at home in wardrobe. can you please tell why and how much should we keep