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Visit to Sri Maha Prathyangira Devi Temple - Ayyavadi by our blog reader

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I got a mail from our regular blog reader Mr.Robin Rabindran, who recently visited Sri Maha Prathyangira Devi Temple - Ayyavadi and I just wanted to share his experience with you all.
Iam just posting the mail which i have received as it is.

The mail goes like this.....

Hi Friend..

Based on the posting in your blog, I had being to the temple of Shri Prathiyangera Devi, Ayavadi ( Kumbakonam).
Since I reached early in Kumbakonam, I visited Thirunageswaram ( Rahu Temple). This Rahu temple was very powefull, as during the Rahu Kala abhishekam, the milk poured on Rahu Baghwan, turns bluish.
As it denotes the presense of Rahu Baghwan( Vishakaraka), the same milk is given as prasad to people, by which all their problems, doshas are over ridden.
Here Rahu Baghwan is seated with his consorts and he not fiecefull as usual he is. Infact he is happily seated so he is called " Mangala Rahu Baghwan".
All the dosha related to Sarpa, kala naga sarpa, Rahu dosha in horoscope is cleared.
I have personnely experienced of getting relieved of all my credits/debts after visiting this temple.

Well after that I took an auto and went to Ayavadi, which is about 2 kms from here.
Once reached the temple found that the serenity and the temple atmosphere is very holy. I brought some pooja Items and went inside. I was told to visit the Lord Shiva Shrine first and then visit Shri Prathiyangera Devi.
No Archana is done here. Just offerings and pooja is done.
As soon as I entered the shrine of Shri Prathiyangera Devi, I could feel the strong positive energy. I always imagined the strong looks and appearance of Devi and went inside.
But to my suprise, I found Shri Prathiyangera Devi very gracious.. to say fiercefully gracious.
I could not pray anything there, just stood and looked her. I could feel the strong energy present there.
Shri Prathiyangera Devi was draped with blue saree and her eyers was covered with sliver kavacha, as no people can with stand the strong sight of her.
She was adorned with beautiful ornaments.
After being there for some time, I came out with full filled soul.. and visited the Special Baniyan tree.
This special baniyan tree is with five different shaped leaves in each branch. Very special and strange.

Then I was told that eighteen Siddhars performed pooja on this temple. Almighty showered Her presence to Agasthiar .
It is also the place where Panja Pandava's offered their prayers. It was said to me that Dr. Miss J. Jayalalithaa , Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu regained power after performing pooja to this Goddess. It is said that, performing pooja in this temple helps devotees to recapture power and regain it.

Then I went to the Homa Kundali, where the Maha Homa /Yaga takes place on Amavsya day. Here the speiciality as said that bags and bags of red chillies are offered along with Ghee in the Homa Flame.
However, no pungent odour and irritation is felt during the yagam.
Here we can offer Lemon, dates, crystal sugar (kalkandu) , banana, ghee and flowers are offered to the goddess for pooja, it is believed that the lemon which is placed at the feet of Sri Prathiyangera Devi during the pooja will bring prosperity if kept in one’s house.

All these homa / Yaga is performed, It is believed that performing pooja to Shri Prathiyangara Devi, all pain, disease, financial problems will be solved and enemy can be succumbed. One can get the most wanted sixteen wealths by worshipping this Goddess. If Devi is worshipped, all the troubles will be warded off. But never call her name for wrong things and wrong deeds.
it was also said that if we call her with whole hearted and worship her, she comes before you and stand. But one should also have the postive strength/holiness to receive her.
The temple is located amidst of six graveyards.
AUSPICIOUS TIMES : Archana is not done in this temple, only pooja is performed. New moon days are very special, yagam is performed on new moon days (Ammavasai) between 10.00 am and 1.00 pm only.

Well, after this visit, I visited the Guru BaghwanTemple ( Alangudi) which is also near by ( 10kms), all preparations was going on for Guru peyarchi 2010, offered pooja and booked for " Laksha Archane" during the transition of Guru Baghwan.
Came back to Kumbakonam and boared the bus - back home.

I Thank you for your posting of Ayavadi temple detail in our blog.

Take care


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