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Benefic and Malefic Stars for Bharani Nakshatra

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Benefic and Malefic Stars for Bharani Nakshatra
Brahmanda Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji speaks on Benefic and Malefic Stars for Bharani Nakshatra. Before going further let us see the meaning of all Nine Taras:

1. Janma, Anujanma, and Trijanma, or “birth star” : Beginnings, ideas, body. The Janma Nakshatra is equivalent to the Lagna (Ascendant). Planets here have a marked influence upon the appearance and personality.

2. Sampath Tara, star of prosperity : Accomplishment, good care of responsibilities, wealth, receptivity.

3. Vipath Tara, the star of adversity : Hindrance, prevention, death, self-will, hard work, travel, siblings, competition.

4. Kshema Tara, star of welfare : Things that create security, property, home, security of progeny and creativity.

5. Prathiara Tara, the star of trouble : Averted, missed. Obstacles. Conflict, enemies.

6. Sadhaka Tara, the star of means : Perfecting, useful and efficient.

7. Vadha Tara, the star of slaughter : Slayer, destroyer, destruction, change.

8. Mithra Tara, the star of friendship : Friendly, helpful, dharmic, dutiful, actions, what the person gives to the world.

9. Parama mithra Tara, the star of highest friendship : Best or highest, most useful, producing a lot of good in life.

Table on Benefic and Malefic Stars for Bharani Nakshatra

Sl no.Stars in sequence from Birth StarIndications of the StarsName of Nakshatras
1.Birth StarDangerBharani ; Purva Phalguni or Pubba ; Poorva Shada
2.Sampath TaraWealth and ProsperityKrithika ; Uttara Phalguni or Uttara ; Uttara Shada
3.Vipath TaraLoss and AccidentRohini ; Hasta ; Shravana
4.Kshema TaraProsperityMrigashira ; Chitra ; Dhanishta
5.Prathiara TaraObstaclesArdra ; Swati ; Shatabhisha
6.Sadhaka TaraRealisation of AmbitionsPunarvasu ; Vishaka ; Poorva Bhadra
7.Vadha TaraDangersPushya or Pushyami ; Anuradha ; Uttara Bhadra
8.Mithra TaraGoodAshlesha ; Jyeshta ; Revathi
9.Parama mithra TaraVery FavourableAshwini ; Magha or Makha ; Moola



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