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Arjuna And Duryodhana in Dwaraka

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Arjuna And Duryodhana in Dwaraka
Brahmanda Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji narrated this story in his Bruhat Brahmanda Programme telecasted in Zee Kannada TV Channel.

While the messenger sent by Drupada, his family priest, a Brahmin of very noble character and high learning used in the ways of conducting negotiations with the royal personages. While the messenger was on his way to Hastinapura, both the sides had sounded their allies and sending envoys to the various kings. Arjuna, himself went to Dwarka. Krishna was the ally, the Pandavas valued above all. The spies valued above all. The spies of Duryodhana were also active. Hearing from them about Arjuna's visit to Dwarka, Shakuni advised Duryodhana to rush to Dwarka to forestall Arjuna in his bid to seek support of Krishna. Duryodhana also rushed to Dwarka. He reached just before Arjuna. Arjuna also came a few minutes later. Both of them met in a lobby of Krishna's apartment. Duryodhana was happy that since he was first to reach Dwarka Krishna would pledge his support to him. Arjuna had different idea. Both of them waited for a while. Satyaki came and informed them that Krishna was asleep, they could wait for sometime. Satyaki was furious that Arjuna was late even for such an important matter. Both, Arjuna and Duryodhana entered Krishna's bedroom. Duryodhana, who was first to enter, sat on a seat at the head of the bed on which Krishna was asleep. Arjuna went to the foot of the bed and stood there with his hands folded.

Krishna got up. His sleep was broken. His eyes rested on Arjuna first who was standing there at his foot with folded hands. Then he saw Duryodhana. He wanted to know the reason of their presence. Duryodhana said that as the war with the Pandavas was inevitable he had come to seek Krishna's help. As Krishna was related to both the Kauravas and to the Pandavas it was only fair that he should join Kauravas side as Duryodhana was first to come to seek his support. Krishna smiled and said, 'Duryodhana you are right. But when I woke up I saw Arjuna first. It is also fair that I should help both of you. On one hand my famous Narayani, army, comprising of one akshauhini of warriors is one side and on the other I shall be alone/ I shall not wield any weapon." Krishna further said, Even dharma demands that the younger should have the first choice. Arjuna being younger to you shall have first choice. Arjuna fell at the feet of Krishna with tears in his eyes. He chose Krishna. Duryodhana was happy with Arjuna's choice.

Duryodhana went to his guru Balarama. The elder brother of Krishna was sad. He said that in the assembly of Virata he tried to speak for Duryodhana. But Satyaki and Krishna were for the Pandavas. Being a Kshatriya, that too of the illustrious family of Kurus, Duryodhana should fight the war like a Kshatriya. He should bring glory to the Kurus. He himself had decided against joining the war. Duryodhana touched the feet of Balaram and left Balaram knew that the fate of Kauravas was sealed. Victory cannot go against Krishna. Wherever is Krishna there is victory.


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