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Lord Ganesha Pooja Procedure Revealed By Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji

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Lord Ganesha Pooja Procedure Revealed By Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji
On account of sankatahara chaturthi on 22-03-2011, Brahmanda Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji revealed pooja procedure on Lord Ganapathi. Below is the step by step procedure put in points:

  • To do this procedure get mat made of Darbha grass.

  • This procedure should be done in the evening only. Before starting this procedure, you should have taken bath for three times i.e morning, afternoon and before pooja once.
    Dont take bath twice in a day.
    If not possible take bath only before pooja. (i.e once only)
    You should take bath once or thrice not twice.

  • Women should wear Kacha Saree compulsorily for this pooja.

    Lord Ganesha Pooja Procedure Revealed By Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji
  • It is good if female head of the family does this pooja.

  • This pooja is done for wellness of whole family and for growth of family members.

  • If this vrata is started, make an sankalpa that it will be followed for 21 Tuesdays or days or months without any break.

  • If have brought any yantra from any kind of person throw it off or keep it outside the house so that you get siddhi from lord. If you have brought any yantra from any temples, let it be there.

  • This procedure can be done in pooja room if you have space, if not you can do it in hall itself.

  • Place the mat made of Darbha grass on the Mane/Flat Wooden Platform so that you can sit on it.
    If you are not able to get mat made of Darbha grass, just get few darbha grass and place it below the Mane/Flat wooden platform.

  • Get pot full of water for abhisheka. Chant Ganesha's Moola Mantra "Om Srim Glaum Gam Ganapataye Namah" revealed by Brahmanda Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji.

  • You should offer 21 Bermuda Grass (Arugampul in Tamil ; Garike hullu in Kannada) one bunch multiplied by 21 Bunches tied with hasi dhara i.e each bunch should have 21 bermuda grases.

  • You should offer 21 Milk Weed flower (Bili Yekka in Kannada ; Vellai Erukku in Tamil ; Arka in Sanskrit).

  • Before offering all above items, Place an mane/wooden platform, below that draw Ashtadala Padma Rangoli (Lotus with 8 petals) and draw rangoli using Rice flour (Akki hittu) in the form of Nakshatra with six corners. It can be done by drawing a triangle first and then draw a inverted triangle with a small dot/circle at the center above the wooden platform.

  • Place an vessel made up of any materials including clay but not in steel or iron on the wooden platform so that you can place lord ganapathi made up of Panchaloha or Clay or Silver in it.

  • The idol of Lord Ganapathi should be solid, you should not use the hollow one.

  • You should sit in the position such that if Lord is facing East, you should face North or if lord is facing North, you should face East.

  • You should chant Ganapati Ashtottara Shathanamavali, while chanting this mantra offer bermuda grass to Lord.

  • After this you should offer one Pradakshina (circumambulation) , one namaskara (Sashtang Namaskara only for Men) , one Sit-up (Thoppukaranam in Tamil ; Baski Namaskara in Kannada) continuously for 21 times.

  • After all this procedure close vessel in which lord ganapathi is kept and place it pooja room or in kitchen where no one touches it.

  • If possible prepare Modak (Modhaka in Kannada ; Kozhakkattai in Tamil) offer to lord.

  • Repeat this procedure for 21 Tuesdays or 21 Days or 21 Months.

Hope all your wishes come true with the blessings of Lord Ganapathi.


  1. Thank you for this information, guruji. I have missed this episode and have continued pooja without following several of the things said here. Is there any parihara? Also, I have some more doubts. You have said women should compulsorily wear kacche saree for this pooja. Is this only for sankashti pooja or any ganesha pooja/vratha that we do? Also, when I asked other peoples (because I don't know how to wear kacche saree) they told that wearing kacche saree is done only by madhwas. Can you please tell us the complete details so that we can follow?
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Uma,
    This procedure was given by Guruji for this pooja. For any pooja sankashti or any ganesha pooja or vratha wearing traditional dress is always good. If you dont know to wear, nothing wrong in it. Offer your prayer with pure heart and dedication, it will do wonders.

  3. Hai Uma,

    I was in same position when I saw this program and Guruji explained that women must wear kacche when they wear sari for this pooje. I generally follow all the things that Guruji says, so I wanted to follow this also. As you said, generally only madhwas wear kacche like it is shown in the photo. So what I did is I went to Rayara matha to find someone who was wearing this type saree and asked them if they could teach me. After asking a few people I found one very helpful lady who asked me why I wanted to learn and when I told her it was for doing pooja in full madi, she agreed and she taught me. So I am able to follow Gurji's instruction and wear this type saree for this pooja. So if you really want to follow this and wear kacche when doing pooja, you can try asking some ladies in Rayara Matha to teach you. Also, if you want to wear kacche sari properly, you will need 9 yard saree, it is difficult to wear this using normal sari.

    Hope my suggestion helps. If you cannot learn this, then as the reply to your email says, do the pooja with pure heart and full devotion thinking this is the best you can do. Best of luck.


  4. My pranams to Poojya Sri Sri Sri Narendra Babu guruji. Your guidance are useful & very easy to perform also. My case is pending in court since last 8 years (financial related-cheque bounce Case). Opposite party is cheated so many members in the same manner & myself one among them. Kindly guide me to come out at the earliest and recover the amount from his end whatever the way is feasible.