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Gaumukh Temple, Mount Abu

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Gaumukh Temple, Mount Abu
Rajasthan portrays an image of an arid desert land but you will be glad to know that the state has one of the best fill resorts of India. It is on a hilly plateau about 22 kilometer long and six kilometer wide. Situated at the southern tip of Aravalli range this beautiful hill station offers cool climate with rich flora covering the entire region. Mount Abu the name was derived from legend Arbuda, a serpent who had saved Lord Shiva’s Bull, Nandi’s life. This beautiful hill resort was at one time the summers choice of the stately families of Rajput and then the Britishers. It is asignificant center of worship for Jains and Hindus. The shrines in Mount Abu are well known and chief tourist attraction. The place is blessed with many tourist attractions like Nakki Lake, which is manmade or artificial lake popular for boating. It is the only artificial lake in India that is 1200 meters above the sea level.

Gaumukh Temple, Mount Abu
The Sage Vashishtha lived here with his wife and the wish fulfilling cow, gifted to him by the Devas, after they obtained it from the churning of the ocean, with eight other jewels! He is credited to have brought Nandi Vardhan Mountain, the youngest son of Himalayas, to Mount Abu. The incredible flying snake, Arbud Naag, who brought the gargantuan mountain from the South on its back, demanded the mountain to be named after him as "Arbudanchal" for the recognition of his services in bringing the great mountain from the South to its present address.

As usual the British could not pronounce the tongue twister hence tarnished the glorious name to Abu. As the bard of Stratford on Avon would have commented, 'what is there in a name', the change of name to Abu could not diminish the grandeur of these mountains. Wonder of wonders is that in these ranges the Pine of Tundra and the Date Palm of desert amicably grow side by side. Being the oldest mountain ranges in the world they are the right candidate to be honored as the cradle of civilization. It is the place where Lord Rama came to have his schooling hence it is no doubt the Alma Mater of Lord Rama. It is the fountain head of the origin of one of the three sisters of Triveni, the Sarsawati, who meets her other two sisters, the Ganga and the Jamuna at Triveni at Allahabad, after travelling sub-terrain for a long distance.

It is authentically mentioned in Van Perva of Mahabharata, where Sage Ved Vyas sways Dharma Raj Udhishtar to spend one night at Vashishtha Ashram, and further enlightens that a night's stay at the Ashram would bless him with the blessing, equivalent to giving one thousand cows in charity.

Gaumukh Temple, Mount Abu
The Mount Abu region of Rajasthan contains many beautiful and popular tourist destinations. If you are visiting there you must visit the Gaumukh Temple. If you do take the opportunity to visit the Gaumukh Temple and its beautiful surrounds, you can enjoy walking excursions, picnics as well as viewing the beautiful temple and its statues. The Gaumukh Temple is also popular for religious pilgrimages and meditation. .

The Gaumukh Temple was built in its location as a dedication to Saint Vashishth. It is believed that Saint Vashishth performed a yagna there that created the four major Rajput clans. There is also a tank that you should visit- the Agni Kund. The Agni Kund is believed to be the site of a sacrificial fire which Saint Vashishth used to perform the yagni from which the four clans were born.

Gaumukh Temple, Mount Abu
The cow is considered a sacred animal by those who make religious pilgrimages to the Gaumukh Temple and nearby the temple you will find a spring that is believed to have emerged from the mouth of a rock that is shaped similar to a cows head. A large marble statue of a cow has been built on the site. The bull is representative of Nandi, who was Shiva’s vehicle. There is a stream of water that flows from the mouth of the marble bull. Nearby you will find statues of Nandi, Saint Vashishth, Lord Ram and Lord Krishna..

The Gaumukh Temple is located around 5 kilometers from the Hanuman Temple situated in a wild valley that is reached by climbing down over 700 steps. The area is covered with very think forest cover and visiting the place after dark & rainy season is not recommended without proper information and local guidance.


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