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Why Snakes Have Forked Tongues?

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Why Snakes Have Forked Tongues?
Kashyapa’s wives Vinata and Kadru gave birth to Garuda and the nagas respectively. Once Vinata said that the tail hairs of Indra’s horse Uchaishravas were all white, Kadru maintained that it was black. It was agreed that whoever lost would become the other’s slave. As per Kadru’s instructions, a few nagas clung to the horse’s tail and made it appear black. Thus Vinata became Kadru’s slave and Garuda had to take care of Kadru’s children.

Kadru said that she would end the slavery if Garuda got the amrit from devaloka. Garuda defeated the devas and got the amrit. The nagas kept the amrit on darbha grass and went for a bath. During that time, the devas took back the amrit. When the nagas returned, they couldn’t find the amrit, but they were so filled with lust for it that they began licking the grass. Their tongues were torn and that’s the reason why snakes have a forked tongue. Kusa grass became sacred also!


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