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Vaithamanidhi Perumal Temple - Thirukolur, Nava Tirupathi - Nine Holy Temples

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Vaithamanidhi Perumal Temple - Thirukolur, Nava Tirupathi - Nine Holy Temples
Position in Nava Tirupathi : 08
Planet (Graha) : Kuja (Mars)
Deity : Vaithamanidhi Perumal
Goddess : Kumudavalli thayar , Kolurvalli thayar
Urchavar - Nitshebavithan

Located 2 kilometers South East of Azhvaar Thirunagari is the birth place of Madhura Kavi Azhvaar and the Vaitha Maa Nidhi Divya Desam at Thiru Kolur. The Lord is seen in a reclining posture (Bhujanga Sayanam) facing East. The presiding deity is Sri Vaittha Maanidhi perumal in a sleeping posture on Adiseshan. One hand of the Lord is pointing towards his face and another towards the ground.

Vaithamanidhi Perumal Temple - Thirukolur, Nava Tirupathi - Nine Holy Temples
‘Kubera’ once went to ‘Mount Kailash’ to pay his obeisance to Lord ‘Shiva’. There he found goddess ‘Parvathi’, seated by the side of the Lord. As illuck would have it, with evil intent very much evident in his eyes, ‘Kubera’ looked at her. Angered by this, goddess Parvathi cursed him. He became ugly and lost the ‘Nava Nidhis’ (Nine kinds of wealth) which were his precious possession. ,Nava Nidhis’ sought the Lord Vishnu’s refuge and He granted that. Thereby Lord Vishnu got the name of ‘Vaithamanidhi Perumal’. Thereafter, Kubera did penance to please Lord Shiva, who, in turn,appeared before him and asked him to seek goddess Parvathi’s pardon. Kubera sought Her pardon but Her anger did not vanish. She told Kubera that he would lose sight in one eye and remain ugly for ever. She further told that he could perform deep penance, please Lord ‘Vaithmanidhi Perumal’ and regain from Him his lost Nidhis ( riches). Kubera did penance at this place (Tirukkolur) and regained half of his lost wealth. Realizing that accumulation of too much wealth by one and the same person induced one to indulge in ‘Adharma’, Kubera entrusted the riches to goddess Lakshmi Devi, with the request that wealth should change hands whenever required. This boon was granted by ‘Vaithamanidhi Perumal’. ‘Dharma’ is believed to be the sole guiding factor in this place. It is firmly believed that anyone, who has lost his/her riches, will regain them by offering prayers to the Lord here.

Vaithamanidhi Perumal Temple - Thirukolur, Nava Tirupathi - Nine Holy Temples
Another story goes that Dharma Gupta, a brahmin, was in financial distress not being able to even feed his children. He invoked the blessings of his Guru Sage Bharadwaja.
The Sage explained to him the reasons for his current state- Dharma Gupta who had been wealthy in his previous birth had become arrogant and did not share his wealth with the poor.
The sage asked Dharma Gupta to proceed to Thiru Kolur to undertake penance in front of Vaitha Maa Nidhi Perumal. He is said to recovered his lost wealth at this place.

Worship Hours:

7.30 AM to 1.00 PM
2.00 PM to 6.00 PM


Executive Officer
A/M Vaithamanithi Perumal Temple
office at Alwarthirunagari- 628612.
Ph: 04639 273607
Contact : Balaji Bhattar @ 90472 17914
Srinivasa Bhattar @ 99429 31701 or 04639 273806


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