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Soundarya Lahari Sloka, Yantra & Goddess To End Infertility and give Ideal Offsprings - 11

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Soundarya Lahari Sloka, Yantra & Goddess To End Infertility and give Ideal Offsprings - 11
The Soundarya Lahari is not only a poem. It is a tantra textbook, giving instructions on puja and offerings, many yantras, almost one to each shloka; describes tantric ways of performing devotion connected to each specific shloka; and details the results ensuing.

Soundarya Lahari, meaning waves of beauty consists of two parts, Ananda Lahari meaning waves of happiness (first 41 stanzas) and Soundarya Lahari(the next 59 stanzas). It is believed that Lord Ganesha himself has etched the Ananda Lahari on Mount Meru.

These 100 stanzas are supposed to be the foremost among Manthra literature. It is also believed that by Making suitable Yanthras and reciting particular stanzas and worshipping the yantras almost anything can be obtained in the world.

Soundarya Lahari Sloka No.11 :

"Chathurbhih Srikanthaihi Shivayuvathibhihi Panchabhirapi
Prabhinnaabhihi Shambhornavabhirapi Moolaprakruthibhihi!
Thrirekhaabhihi Saardham Thava Sharanakonaaha Parinathaaha!"

Yantra For Soundarya Lahari Sloka No.11 :

Soundarya Lahari Sloka, Yantra & Goddess To End Infertility and give Ideal Offsprings - 11
Literal Meaning : The angles of Thy abode (the Srichakra) which is made up of the nine moolaprakrithis or basic triangles ( the nine primary causative forces of the Universe) consisting of the four distinct Shiva triangles (with apex upwards) kept apart from the former by the bindu, with the eight-petalled lotus, the lotus of sixteen petals with the three circles around and the three lines, are counted as forty-four triangles.

Mode of Worship : Yantra to be made on gold plate or butter. Sit facing North. Chant this sloka 1000 times daily for 18 (8 or 81 or 6 ) days.

Goddess of this Slokha : Shri Nigarba Yogini Devi

Archana : Chant Lalitha Sahasranamam offering vermillion or red flowers.

Offerings: Cooked rice, cooked rice mixed with turmeric powder and ghee, green gram pulse sweetened with jaggery, fruits.

Beneficial Results : Barren women become pregnant, getting issues. The butter used for drawing Yantra to be consumed daily.

Literal Results : Intricate problems being solved.

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The Image of Goddess in taken from the Book titled Adi Shankaracharya's Soundarya Lahari by Sri. G.Ramachandra Shastry. Published by Srinidhi Publications.

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  1. guruji kindly give the remedies to get back our money from the whom we gave through soundarya lahiri shlokas because i missed th32 ganesh mantra on which we can get back our old dues you have mentioned long back .