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Sri Janardhana and Mahakali Temple, Ambalpady

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Sri Janardhana and Mahakali Temple, Ambalpady
Sri Janardhana and Mahakali Temples is situated at Ambalapady, about 3 km away from Udupi. Sri Janardana (Lord Vishnu), with charka, conch, mace, and lotus in four hands, is the principal deity of this temple. The shrine of Mahakali is on the south of Sri Janardana, facing the west.
Idol of goddess is big around 6 feet height. In most of the temples where Shakti (mother goddess) is worshipped there Shiva is also worshipped but here in this temple premises another temple of Lakshmi Janardhan is also situated.

Sri Janardhana and Mahakali Temple, Ambalpady
The name Ambalpady is derived from Amba meaning mother and Padi meaning “Top of a hill” in local language Tulu. One more specialty of this temple is “Oracle” where mother goddess talks to its devotees through a person called PATHRI. This happens on every Friday evening from 5:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. During this occasion personal problems of people are heard and solutions are provided.

Sri Janardhana and Mahakali Temple, Ambalpady
Some of the Pooja done at Ambalpady temple are Theertha Snana, Kunkumarchane, Panchamrutha Abhisheka, Saptashati Parayana, Chandika Homa, Raksha Yantra, Mahapooja, etc.

The annual car festival and Navratri are the main festivals celebrated in the temple. The car festival is held in the Magha month of the Hindu calendar. It is marked by a unique and thrilling ceremony. In this festival, the oracle possessed by Goddess Mahakali welcomes and dances in front of the person carrying the image of Lord Janardana, after he alights from the festival car.

How to Reach:

Nearest Railway Station: Udupi.

Nearest Airport: Mangalore.

By Bus: Reach Udupi and ask anybody about Ambalpady you will get the directions to reach the temple.

Udupi is on NH-17 around 1 hour journey from Mangalore.


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