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Lord Krishna Was Accused of Stealing The Syamantaka Gem

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Lord Krishna Was Accused of Stealing The Syamantaka Gem
Brahmanda Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji narrated the story how Lord Krishna was accused of stealing the Syamantaka gem and how He prayed to Ganapathy and the blame was removed and Krishna acquired the Gem and two wives as reward in his Brahmanda television programme telecasted in Suvarna News 24x7 Channel.

The story of the Syamantaka Mani shows how powerful the curse of Ganesha is. Satrajit of Dwaraka had a gem called Syamantaka Mani. It was dazzling and beautiful. If it was worshipped with devotion it used to give plenty of gold every day. Once, even Krishna asked to borrow it but Satrajit refused to lend it to anyone.

Once Prasena, Satrajit's brother, went out hunting. He was wearing the Syamantaka Mani. A lion killed him and went to a cave, carrying the gem. A bear by name Jambavan killed the lion and gave the Syamantaka Mani to his cub to play with. This Jambavan was not an ordinary bear; he was the heroic follower of Shri Rama.

When Prasena did not return to Dwaraka, Satrajit became worried. Satrajit then suspected that Krishna himself had killed him for the sake of the Syamantaka Mani. After all, he did want to borrow it. The rumor spread throughout the kingdom.

Krishna had not done anything wrong. So when he heard about Satrajit's doubts, he was angry. To prove himself innocent, he went in search of Prasena.

He found the corpse of Prasena. There were footprints of a lion nearby. Following these footprints, Krishna entered the cave of Jambavan. He fought with Jambavan for twenty-eight days. At last, Jambavan understood that Shri Krishna was Shri Rama himself in another form. He finally offered the Syamantaka Mani to Lord Krishna.

Krishna gave the Syamantaka to Satrajit and put an end to the evil rumors. However, he was still surprised at what had happened. "How could such things be said of me even when I had not done anything wrong?” Narada Muni told him the story of Ganesha's curse and said, "You saw the Moon on the fourth day." Krishna then remembered how he saw the reflection of the moon in a bucket of milk.

Then Krishna worshipped Ganesha. Siddhi-Vinayaka Vrata, the worship of Ganesha, is performed on the fourth day of the bright fortnight of the month of Bhadrapada. The devotees believe that those who see the Moon on that day will not suffer, if they listen to the story of the Syamantaka Mani.

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