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Surya Shasti or Surya Sashti Pooja

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Surya Shasti or Surya Sashti Pooja
Surya Shasti or Shasti Vratam is one of the main vrat that’s kept by Hindu people. There is two surya Shasti in a month, the 6th day of Sukla and Krishna paksha. But 6th day of growing moon (sukla paksha) is observed as fast of surya Shasti.

Surya Shashti is celebrated on the day of Kartik Shukla Shashti. It is a very important Hindu festival. This day is also known as Dala Chhath. This festival is celebrated all over India. The day of Shashti in the Kartik month is celebrated as Surya Shashti. Lord Sun is worshipped on this day. People worship Lord Sun on the banks of river Ganga, Yamuna or any other holy river.

Surya Shashti Story:

This festival is celebrated on the day of Shukla Shashti in the Kartik month. An ancient story is famous about this day. According to this story, a businessman named Mahipal lived in Bindusar. He did not believe in God and other religious activities. Once, Mahipal started excreting in front of Lord Sun’s idol. Lord Sun was furious to see this and cursed him that he would lose his eyesight. Mahipal slowly started losing his eyesight and was blind in some time.

Mahipal was very upset and wanted to die. Hence, he decided to jump into river Ganga. He met Narad Muni on his way who asked Mahipal about his well being. Mahipal started crying and told Narad Muni about his problems. He also said that he wated to die.

Narad Muni told Mahipal that he was facing problems because of his behaviour towards Lord Sun. Narad Muni told him that he would be relieved of his problems if he keeps a fast on the day of Kartik Shukla Shashti and worships Lord Sun. Narad Muni also asked him to ask for Lord Sun’s forgiveness.

Mahipal then kept a fast and worshipped Lord Sun. Lord Sun was impressed and provided Mahipal with eyesight. Hence, Surya Shashti fast provides a person with all the happiness.

Surya Shashti Fast: Surya Shashti fast is all about the worship of Lord Sun. This festival begins from the beginning of Kartik month. There is an immense importance of worshipping Lord Sun during this period. A person worships Lord Sun on this day in order to be blessed and attain happiness. Water is also offered to Lord Sun. Various sweets, fruits etc. are also offered. Sun’s rays should also be seen on this day while worshipping Lord Sun.

The Importance of Surya Shashti Fast: Importance should be given to cleanliness and hygiene on the day of Surya Shashti. Arrangements for worshipping Lord Sun are made which include fruits, puri, coconut, radish, almond, apricot etc. This fast is considered to be very important. It is believed that it brings happiness and wealth. This fast cures all kinds of eye and skin diseases.


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